Thursday, July 1, 2010

PSK day 5

Got a bronze for women's team at PSK.

These few weeks, I spend most of my time on table tennis and with the teammates.
There's a lot of spaces for me to improve *urhhh*
The teammates are friendly, interesting and lame sometimes.
We spend our time together whole day and we can laugh the whole day.
Feels good when we support each other during the tournament.
They are there for us when we cry.

Actually, I didn't know until today that IPT women's team members all cried.
After 1st player finished the match, she cried.
And 2nd player is the next one to play. After match finished, she cried.
And there goes the 3rd player.
So there was no chance for us to see each other cry hahahahah

Well it's over. At least a medal.

I enjoy and happy for the days spending with the teammates, although felt stress during match.

Tomorrow gonna go kayak-ing!
I thought this before, that, I want to go kayak during either valentine or my birthday. xD
I thought that I will be happy to go kayak since I didnt really play that before.
But, ofcourse, during both days, traditionally, I'm invited to dinner la.

Hope tomorrow the kayaks are enough. (heard that it will be enough)
Hope I won't drop into water.

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