Friday, July 2, 2010

Kayak @ Serasa Beach


At Serasa Beach.


Kayaking is tired.
Especially when the others splash the water on us in the middle of the sea, we need to use all the energy to kayak away from them.
The sea water is VERY salty like the god throw all the salt inside the sea lor! =.=

When we were in the middle of the sea, very far away from the starting point, planning to go back onshore, I didn't know which is our starting point since there are many buildings there.
And Yaying said, "我是路痴,不是海痴."
Very kek dao lo.

And yesterday she said something very lui, "Saya mau teh C ping, tak mau ais."

I think I'm gonna have wrinkles anytime soon.
Everyday we talk lame, and everyday we laugh like what.
Our cheek muscles are very tired. xD

ok~ back to kayak.
It feels great in the middle of the sea, the wind, small wave, sun set.
There are catamaran and sail boats like pictures below.

Very syok ok~.
Like in the movies, people party or drink champagne on sail boats. How feel~ xD
Feel stress can go to boat and look at the sea. how relax
Besides driving for long hours, sea is another place that can relax. Really!

If I can bring things along with me to kayak, I will read or play hp games in the middle of the sea.
Can see sun set again.

Always remember to wear life jacket when playing water sports.
Jack fell into water just now without life jacket.
And friends of another kayak gave him one.
This is 有惊无险.

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