Monday, February 27, 2012

Korea Trip 3

I had a freezing cold fun Korea Trip. Enjoy watching :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

美乐加油 Love Keeps Going

I dislike Taiwan drama, because they are very long-winted and I don't have much patience. However, this Taiwan drama does attracts me, not sure if it's a new drama, but quite nice and funny.

And fall in love with one of the soundtracks too:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still want to use these translate engines?

*Click the pics to have a clearer image*

I believe most of you came across the funny translation on Google, etc. It's a risk to those who don't know the language well. The translation sometimes is not correct, not correct at all! If you wanna learn foreign language, better not use Google Translate or Bing. The foreigners may laugh at you!

Goodness, so racist.
The translation suppose to be "This is so pretty..."

=.= meaningless...

There was one stressful time we were doing a business plan of a Wedding Planner with headache and we were very serious doing it. We wanted to talked about the Chinese Wedding Ceremony. As the report needs to be written in English, we were forced to translate the Chinese greetings/nouns/words that don't appear in the English world, for example:-

We burst out laughing! What a good way to release stress.
We actually wanted to find the English translate for the prosperous auntie who guide the newly-wedded couple and speaks good words in the ceremony.

Guess these websites should improve.

Is there any efficient translation in the WWW?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking for $$$

Now all my mind is about earning side income from part time jobs, but have no action taken yet =.=
I actually have few sources where I can get my side income, but they are all about sales. I'm so bad in doing sales, especially direct sales, due to my face not thick enough.

There's nothing you can do without money. You need to eat, drink, etc, everything's need money.

The most important reason is I want to earn the side income because I wanna go travel myself during this summer break, because this is my last holiday in my life!!!

Damn it, I thought I would get Uni allowance starting this year, however, I haven't get my citizenship yet. *sad*

Then Ima depend on myself to earn or to save intensively...just to travel (maybe). So no one will have any reason to stop me from traveling!

How to get lots of $ within these months? Contact me if you have any job for me ^^

I have been working part time since 13. Only these 2 years I didn't work that hard in the part time.
I would love to earn side income even when I got a full time job. Busy woman is what I born to be.

Here's a pic of me and RA having the same sunglasses lol. Kinda embarrassing taking pics outside the restaurant.Link

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ways to cheer yourself

Yes, you are moody and you need to find ways to cheer yourself up!

I had been miserable since this new week.
- I had not enough sleep in the morning and few times I drove out of lane.
- I almost dropped into the deep drain, lucky enough to have my tyre stuck there only.
- I overslept *sigh*
- Swollen eyes some more, how sexy.

However, when you are miserable, unlucky things tend to happen on you, just like me! Ima good example for this week.

Complaining, crying, hurting yourself do not make your life better. So find ways to brighten your life again!

My ways:
- I went to sing Karaoke. Yes, it helps a little. I feel better if people listen to my awful singing.

- Do sports. Sweats make you feel great and you will sleep good after that.

- Talk to friends. Chatting with friends will interrupt and so you won't keep thinking the sad things.

- Keep yourself busy. This definitely helps because you have no time to think other things.

- Find a part time job. This is a way to make yourself busy.

- Eat delicious foods. Not sure why, but yummy foods can make my mood better.

- Cry could be something that makes you feel released, but don't cry too much.

- Clean your room/house.

Other possible ways:
- Watch movie. Better the comedy. it doesn't work good on me because I don't even think it's funny when I'm really moody.

- Go shopping. Brunei may not be a good place to shop, may be go abroad?

- Go travel for few days. This definitely works on me! But I can't travel whenever and however I like because I'm still a student and $$$ is a problem :'(

- Party can make you feel better but need to take care of yourself too. It's dangerous if you're too drunk.

- No drugs...come on! It's gonna ruin your life!

- Don't suicide. Your family and friends gonna be VERY sad, care for their feeling.

- Spend all your savings. Trust me, you're gonna regret when you recover. For guys, you think girls still want you if you're poor?

- Cut your wrist. Cut it deeper if you want to die.

- Gamble. Why sponsor all your $$ to people? You should have buy yourself a luxury car.

So what are your ways to cheer yourself up?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My valentine

well, I'm lucky enough to be able to celebrate Valentine. So had dinner at I-Lotus.

What I got for Valentine:
This diamond is so bling and pretty, and got my name carved on it.

I dislike flowers because it's wasting money as the flower dies.
So I got one real rose and 3 fake one. So they never die!

Give you a tip on how to maintain the gorgeousness of a flower.

After few days, you will see your flower start to turn out of shape and look very ugly.
So if you put upside down, the flower gonna maintain straight up like the fresh flower.

How do you celebrate on the Valentine?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go Pretty with Laneige!

"It's not your fault if you look ugly 20 years ago,
But it's you fault if you look ugly 20 years later."

I once heard this quote from somewhere, which I agree.

Technology is improving. Not only the electronic, gadgets, etc, but also the cosmetics!

It's not your fault to look ugly before, but can just become pretty if you're willing to.

From a Chinese quote:
"There's no ugly woman, but lazy woman."

Make up is just amazing!
You can be as beautiful as you want with the help of those brushes and colours.

Gonna introduce you the Laneige cosmetics~~~~

I went to Korea last December, and Laneige is quite popular over there as I can see the outlets wherever I go.

Photo by Yong
This is the snow crystal eye shadows.
Different set of colours bring different kind of feel.

Photo by Yong
And on my face, I am using these.

I like colourful things! Colour makes you look fresh and young.
I know the ladies normally use brown or black or dark colour because it can suit easily with the outfit and any occasion.
But you may try to use a brighter colour too.

Photo by Yong
This is the Winter Collection for Dazzling Holidays.
"This Styling Romantic Blusher does not require special techniques as it has a feathery-light touch and a natural gloss."
I look pale if I don't use a blusher. Putting on blusher makes you look healthier.

This Styling Lip Duo also part of the Winter Collection.
How convenient is this because it is 2 in 1: Lip gloss + Lip stick
No more excuse for lazy make up!
Putting on only the lip stick may just look boring, you could add up lip gloss to make you SPOTLIGHT in the crowd!

Photo by Yong

Photo by Yong

Yes, I talked about this in the previous posts.

Purchase up to $400 and you are entitled to get this cute luggage for free!

Just left one! Go Grab!

Photo by Yong

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chinese 2012 year

ave you guys been visiting friends and relatives' house!?

I did but not that much la.

Since I resumed working on the third day of CNY, rushing on my monthly report, struggling on what to write for a 1000 words report, I had been very tired!

But funnily, I didn't even feel tired when I went to an open house till late night on last Friday, may be because Saturday I'm not working!

Green on the first day of CNY.
I got so much problems with this outfit because it's super tight on my arse, and even seamless underware also can be seen =.="
But in the end, after all the techniques used, finally u can see smooth on my arse.

wuu...that curve~ 翘臀!
lol...buay paiseh :p

During the 15 days CNY, what we Chinese do is EAT EAT EAT!
Eat till you feel scared, eat till you fat!

His signature expression is it?
Recently he is so rude to me! Kept throwing bad words to me!

The cousins

Getting more...

The aunties joined in too.

The pregnant woman's first year distributing ang pao!

This Ah Be really cute! I said "You only can leave if you smile at the camera!"
The he quickly did this expression. beh tahan...

Then I said "One more!!!!"

The friends visiting my house.

CNY sure play cards de...

and lau sang! Its a culture during CNY, people mix the ingredients and yell "HUAT AH!" to welcome wealth to them. hmm...something like that la.
This yu sang from Hua Ho is very surprisingly nice!

The big family!
Not all are in here yet!

The big hamper from Lee.

Gavin's house.

When I heard the aunties singing the oldies, I turned to Carol excitedly "OMG! got karaoke!"
Yes, I sing the Chinese oldies most of the time.

Introduce you our advertorial photographer, Yong!
It was mentioned in the previous post that we had an advertorial on Laneige.

Happy Chap Goh Meh to you!