Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still want to use these translate engines?

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I believe most of you came across the funny translation on Google, etc. It's a risk to those who don't know the language well. The translation sometimes is not correct, not correct at all! If you wanna learn foreign language, better not use Google Translate or Bing. The foreigners may laugh at you!

Goodness, so racist.
The translation suppose to be "This is so pretty..."

=.= meaningless...

There was one stressful time we were doing a business plan of a Wedding Planner with headache and we were very serious doing it. We wanted to talked about the Chinese Wedding Ceremony. As the report needs to be written in English, we were forced to translate the Chinese greetings/nouns/words that don't appear in the English world, for example:-

We burst out laughing! What a good way to release stress.
We actually wanted to find the English translate for the prosperous auntie who guide the newly-wedded couple and speaks good words in the ceremony.

Guess these websites should improve.

Is there any efficient translation in the WWW?

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