Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

Have steamboat for this new year!
designed like restaurant XD

HAPPY 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Original and Black

I straighten my hair again!
Not that straight yet. Aiks...:'( Gonna take good care of my hair, so I can design it again.

I dyed my hair black!
Not used to it in the beginning, but it's nice.
Black is IN in 2010 ^^ Black hair won in the hair competition in Germany!

My 8 years old brother said he wants to be supermarket's manager.
Weird dream.
His reason is because from morning to night time, people go to supermarket, and this can earn a lot.
He said after he earn a lot of money, he'll bring my parents to Singapore for 12 days. Weird number
I asked, "How about me?"
He ans, " By that time you are married. U can go with ur family."
I, "=.="

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One year in 40sec

This guy took this for a year to show the changes of the seasons, and shorten it to 40 seconds.

Monday, December 28, 2009

"Chloe" at Youtube NOW!

Words from our director.

5 days at KK

I'm back from Kota Kinabalu!

A great trip.
Met a lot of Bruneians, no matter at airport, restaurants, shopping mall or hotel. It's everywhere!

Day 1:

We stayed at Marina court. It's not a boring apartment because shopping malls, restaurants and entertainments are all around there.

Ate our dinner and went to Bed bar to celebrate X'mas!
They have gifts and lucky draws.

It's a lollipop okay~

One of the gifts. To 'pop' at 12am.

A very 'high' countdown.


Day 2:

We did shopping at Centrepoint and Warisan.

Not much to buy because have nothing to buy.
Bought clothes, socks and....urhmm

It's a Penang restaurant @ Warisan.

Penang Hor Fun costs me RM 8.50. Not bad.

Normal seafood fried rice

Nice spring rolls.

Sotong chicken? I forgot.
This is sour x.x

While waiting hua's coffee

15 mins to 20 mins walk from Marina court.
It's famous of Bah kut teh.

Really delicious!!!

Feel bored, went to Bed Bar again to check out what's on the X'mas.

I like to listen to the band more than the DJ playing the songs.
The band is more entertaining.
Lucky draw on the X'mas too!
They give out gadgets like phones and cameras.


Day 3:

Went to 恒龙 (HengLong) chinese restaurant at Wisma.
The dimsum are made only when customers order.
All the dimsum are nice! especially....

the Xiao Long Bao!!!!!
Full of juices inside!!

Today is One Borneo day! The biggest mall at Sarawak.
We went there by a free shuttle in front of Wisma. It's only for tourists.
Told by a friend that it's too big to shop, and might not manage to shop all.
But, we used about 3 hrs + to finish.
Most of the shops are branded with expensive stuffs, like Guess, Voir, Adidas, etc.
There are shops selling economy stuffs. These shops don't locate at the front due to expensive rental fees.

We have kitchens at our apartment, with cooking oil, pots, plates etc.


Day 4:

Went to Gaya street.
Roads are blocked for this market. It's only for Sunday.
Nothing to buy, mostly souvenirs and antiques.

Went to the latest mall, Suria.
It's just opened, and not much shops yet.

Went to the Japanese Restaurant for lunch.
A restaurant of steamboat, like Shabu-Shabu in Brunei.
The name of the restaurant is 养生. It means 'take care of health'. So, the foods are healthy, with not much Ajinamoto.

Went to eat Seafoods at night.
This food court named Seri Selera, or Suri selera, I forgot. hehe

Have to be good in choosing the stalls. This is not very nice for me.
A relative said the famous one is 双天.
My parents were at 双天, really, a lot more delicious.
(FYI, my parents went to KK too, but in different flight)

Is this oyster or clam? I cannot differentiate.
Anyway, it's not nice like what the owner said, I think 沙白 is nicer.

This vege is nice, I forgot the name!! A name that I never heard.

Oyster omelette, one of the famous stalls.
It's origin from Taiwan if not mistaken.
My grandpa loves it, if not mistaken.
But i never know what is "Oh wa jian (Oyster omelette in Hokkien)"
It's really tasty! We even take away some to apartment.

This is the oyster omelette.


Day 5:

The day of going back to Brunei. Our flight at 4.20pm.

I went to look for my parents in the morning because the others like hy, mal...their flight is at 6.30pm. I have the same flight as my parents.

My parents are not in the hotel!

Retarded but cute!

A cleaner cleaning another room.
We asked her whether she can open the room for us, because my parents is out.
W/o asking anything, she opened the door =.=
How if it's a thief?

Parents stayed at Imperial.

Black, white + black, White

I look dead.

How to eat this big lollipop huh?

Pale x.x

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy X'mas

Happy Advance X'mas!

Tomorrow going to KK, and not going to blog tomorrow until the 28th.

Bon Voyage to mua~

Monday, December 21, 2009

We had 2006 Form 5 batch BBQ gathering @ hy's

Some are still abroad uni-ing, too bad.

Box of pressies from Sis Khor XD

We played BINGO, and exchanged our gifts. Oh ya, we also celebrated advance X'mas because most of us are going to travel in the X'mas.

These are my exchanged gifts.

Love the feel of opening pressies, the excitement and surprise.

I got lots of nice and meaningful bookmarks and a chinese style keychain from Ms. Khor

Crystal apple from ah wei.
She got my gift too, a towel!

Diamoney bling bling bracelet from my grandma from Taiwan.

Didn't take much photos using my cam, the others are at ah kai's.
Post again next time...