Saturday, December 5, 2009

As a tourist to Brunei

I, surprisingly, never thought I would be one of the tourists to Brunei.
I actually joined to look after my little cousin, but he didn't go.
So, I joined these families from different countries to explore Brunei.
I believe, some or most of the Bruneians, might be you, never visit the Brunei tourism places.

Brunei, a small part on the earth, consists only 300 000+ population.
Produce oil and gas.
Rice and petrol are subsidised, free medical fees and education.
Hmm what else? Bruneians are rich comparing to other countries.
There are poverty in Brunei, but Brunei's poverty can still afford for the living, own a car and tv.
But in other countries, poverty suffer from hunger.

1st place to Jame' Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque.
The largest and most magnificent mosque in the sultanate and a symbol of Islam's hold.

It has 29 stairs which means it is built by the 29th Sultan.
It has 29 gold onions too.

One of the fountains.

Girls have to wear a long 'blouse' provided by them.
No camera and shoes.
It's a nice structure. The lights are made of gold and diamonds.
Very big area in the prayers' area. It can contain 3000+ of people.
This mosque only for males, because some females choose to pray at home.
However, there's another mosque for female, but I'm not sure which one.


We passed by the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque.

It is built by the 28th Sultan, consists of 28 stairs and 28 gold onions.
Not the biggest mosque, but the prettiest.
This is what the people say, or may be article.
I don't know how they judge whether which one is the prettiest.
This is based on the majority view I guess.


Kampong Ayer (Water Village)

We sit on the boat and visit one of the houses.
This owner of the house it not the head of village nor a higher rank person, just a normal residents.
Why his house? Because his house is for tourist to visit.
The owner served tea and cakes.

It's the biggest water village in the world.
Having 2000+ people living there.
The villagers can be reduced but not adding more, because the government does not encourage people to stay there.
The people are not poor, some of the house are like those on land, nice big glass windows with big living room.

Sitting on the boat is a scary one.
Have to be balance by having equal number of people sitting on both side, or else the boat would terbalik.
Scary lo! I had my life jacket straight when I sit on it.
Don't open your mouth! The water is dirty and could splash to ur face.


The wet market at Bandar.
I like the wet market at Gadong and Seria comparing to this.
Because not much customers resulting a bit boring.
Some booths are quite isolated.
There is a chinese booth frying "you cha kueh" with kaya and butter, where the tour guide said it's special.


Royal Regalia
A museum putting the souvenirs and other things of the royal.
No cams, no shoes.


It is the largest palace in the world.
Although 紫京城 (zi jing cheng) in China is bigger, but now it has become a history. Not sure if it has become a place for tourism. But it's no more using.
While Istana Nurul Iman is where our Sultan is staying now.

I saw! I saw His Majesty has his own football field and polo field.
Own a playground for the kids.
Double story car park, having 3000+ cars. BMW, Lambogini (spelling?), WV, R.Royles (spelling?), and I forg0t...^^
2000+ employees working inside.
3000+ rooms.

Is it tired walking around in such a big area?
Or they use some sort of automated machine to move around? XD


Yayasan Complex

It is used to be famous and crowded before Gadong become the shopping paradise.
It is built by the 29th Sultan and the profits are for charity.

Being a tour guide is not easy. Has to face different kind of people.
I guess this group of tourists are not interested in these tourism places in Brunei.
May be they like shopping more? That's why they said it's not fun going to Kmp. Ayer.
Some tourists praised and enjoyed the trip.
Some give tips or buy something for the guide.
They might complain and have to be 'seng muk' to solve the problem.
Have to stand it if tourists say something uncomfortable.

One of them is not used to the foods in Brunei, because Malay foods are spicy.
Some would ask, do the people convert to Muslims if they stay in Brunei for long. NO.
Only 43 taxis in Brunei, because petrol and cars are cheaper.

I enjoyed the trip, I know more about Brunei.
I didn't know the structure of mosques meant something. Now I know.
I didn't know facts about Kmp Ayer, and the life of our Sultan. Now I know.
I didn't know the mosques have so much rules, and we have to listen to them.

While typing this, I keep receiving mails from FB!
100+ mails just for one day of not checking my mail. =.=

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Anonymous said...

thank you for being attentive to my tourguiding. but a lot of wrong info. 22 000 ppl leaving in water village, not 2000.
in the Jame Asre mosque, got female prayer rooms, but only can accomodate 1500 prayers, where the male prayer room can have 3500 ppl