Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2nd week of holiday

Too tired to online.
These 3 days I faced PC for 6 hrs plus for my work.

Joined BATTA table tennis tournament.

Lost lor~

We just have a coach. Ofcourse I do improve. At least the coach teach us what is right and wrong. Before, I didn't know the correct way to play lor.

And my cousin's birthday at
Love the structure of the place, nice decorations, friendly manager.

Nan is the main course together with the mean and vege.

This pretty box contains 3 different 'mouth fresheners'.
One of them are sugar, another one is salty, and I don't know what's the 3rd one.

Because Indians eat spicy foods, like curry. So they need this mouth freshener to freshen their mouth.

Nice deco includes these musical instruments. They are real.
That piano-look instrument is cool. I guess it's one of the instrument they use to play at the road side to earn money.
It's not a piano, I don't know what's that called. Something like 手风琴.
Because i was playing with it, and don't have any sound. The manager came and said, "I show you this magic."
It's like u have to solve the trick to play it.

Love friendly people ^^

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