Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Original and Black

I straighten my hair again!
Not that straight yet. Aiks...:'( Gonna take good care of my hair, so I can design it again.

I dyed my hair black!
Not used to it in the beginning, but it's nice.
Black is IN in 2010 ^^ Black hair won in the hair competition in Germany!

My 8 years old brother said he wants to be supermarket's manager.
Weird dream.
His reason is because from morning to night time, people go to supermarket, and this can earn a lot.
He said after he earn a lot of money, he'll bring my parents to Singapore for 12 days. Weird number
I asked, "How about me?"
He ans, " By that time you are married. U can go with ur family."
I, "=.="

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