Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are beautiful

Sorry for the previous post. I don't think it's sang by Gareth, so not original and so not nice to listen (I just listen to the one post) =.= Gareth's voice will be nicer ^^

My neighbour just got married this morning again, I mean another member from that family. I have friends who got married, today, some have 2 children, some are pregnant and some have just divorced. Some don't even want to get married & some are so desperate to.

Going to friends' baby's 1 year old birthday, going to parties where some friends carry their babies on their arms, made me thought of, "Oh, I don't want to get married in the 20s." "No pregnant before marry (that happens when u have no preparation)." "No babies when I'm suppose to enjoy my parties." "No babies when I want to climb the Mt. Fuji" - Marriage and babies only happen after I finish the life enjoyment.

I'm a person who don't want to get married that soon, around 30 will be ok?? May be a person who don't want to get marry forever. Of course, I have to, I don't want to be alone when I'm 50. Wonder When I'll get married? to Who? to Where? to What kind of family....err...too far. I'm happy that I'm a Uni student now. ^^

Since you wanted to marry, then why divorce?

Before the marriage:


He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.

She: Do you want me to leave?

He: NO! Don't even think about it.

She: Do you love me?

He: Of course!

She: Have you ever cheated on me?

He: NO! Why you even asking?

She: Will you kiss me?

He: Yes!

She: Will you hit me?

He: No way! I'm not such kind of person!

She: Can I trust you?

He: Yes.

Now after the marriage you can read it from bellow to up !!!!

A girl told me, "If you don't treat your skin now just because of money, you will spend MORE when your skin get worst." very true! x.x I thought of lasering, but there will have side effect. So why not treat now!? =.=

No present for my birthday, ang pow will do. Treatment need lots of *KACING $$$$*

Some people complain that they are big size. Hello~ Big size is more easier to deal than treating a naturally-bad skin.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gareth Gates- Anyone of us

Anyone of us - Gareth Gates

"Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)"

I've been letting you down, down
Girl I know I've been such a fool
Giving in to temptation
When I should've played it cool
The situation got out of hand
I hope you understand

It can happen to..
Anyone of us, anyone you think of
Anyone can fall
Anyone can hurt someone they love
Hearts will break
'Cause I made a stupid mistake
It can happen to..
Anyone of us, say you will forgive me
Anyone can fail
Say you will believe me
I can't take my heart will break
'Cause I made a stupid mistake
A stupid mistake

She was kind of exciting
A little crazy I should've known
She must have altered my senses
'Cause I offered to walk her home
The situation got out of hand
I hope you understand


A stupid mistake
she means nothing to me
(nothing to me)
I swear every word is true
don't wanna lose you

Thursday, February 26, 2009

From mistake...

This is today

I was lied by people and learnt from mistake. I don't believe in people easily.

I was quiet and shy, I'm controlled and bully by people. Learnt from mistake, I'm not afraid of anyone, I can talk straight forward-ly to those who bully me before, and don't let people control me.

I get stronger, and my life changed. He said he can't even control me, I'm uncontrollable...I feel sad to hear this.

Or may be my personality. People ask me don't, but I will DO it. People say DO, I say DON'T. tiao kang ho? XD

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I want more songs

Nick made my header!

Daddy bought these doughnuts from KL. People who like cream would like this. I would love it more if there's no cream inside them.

There's normal size donut

...and the baby size

All from J.CO

I had sauna few days ago, and I'm not even sweaty =.= There's sweat but not that sweaty. No sweat from my body huh? Too skinny to produce sweat? Guess I should make the heater temp higher.

This is definitely how my sauna looks like

If you want to whiten your skin, put green apple or lemon; fever put ginger; you can put whatever you like.

Beautician said that my internal body is poisonous. I'm planning to visit doctor to check whether there's worms in my body which keep eating my foods that I swallow, and makes me hungry for every 2 hours.

I like 彭佳慧 (Julia Peng)! Love her songs, the way she sings and her voice! Do check out her albums.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gaming is not a crime

Intro you a game, There are Big 2.5 (cho dai di), and other games too!

Motivational Stories:

If you want to get somewhere, you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up.

The secret of life isn't what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.

Help other people to cope with their problems and your own will be easier to cope with.

Never use the word impossible seriously again. Toss it into the verbal wastebasket.

Self-trust is the first secret of success. So believe in and trust yourself.

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have.

Joy increases as you give it, and diminishes as you try to keep it for yourself. In giving it, you will accumulate a deposit of joy greater than you ever believed possible.

How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself - so always think positively.

Go at life with abandon; give it all you've got. And life will give all it has to you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sacrifice for Beauty

"Chloe" not yet 杀青, but I 杀青 already! Today's scene is hard, have to fake laugh whole day. Don't dare to watch the results.

Happy National Day to Brunei!

Tomorrow is holiday, a great day for students, a great day for workers. I'm still jobless :( craving for money le.

If you want to keep your beauty, you have to sacrifice. I control the foods I eat and my lifestyle. I'm happy I'm born to dislike fried foods, peanuts and chocolate. It's an easy thing for me not to eat chocolate.

But I'm born to love seafoods like prawns, clams. I'm born to love tomyam (but I can control). Now, I have to avoid seafoods, it's crying le. 为什么我不是天生丽质?Why I'm not born to be pretty?

If 20 years ago, you're not pretty, it's not ur fault;
But if 20 years later, you're not pretty, then it's YOUR fault.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nature Walk

We have our walk for 1 and a half hr. In this video, we were on the top of the village, or should be forest??

At first, I thought we are going to have picnic, who knows it's like kinda canopy walk. Compared to Mt Kinabalu canopy walk, Sg liang walk is much more easier! There are hungry monkeys and snakes which will come out from no where. It's a good place to walk / exercise!

There are many ways to go. And we chose the way which lead to the village. People there looked at us like refugees or crazy people who choose to walk instead of driving a car.

We walk from there (arrowed sign), imagine how far is it.

There are houses and farms

This kind of shops make me think of going to other country for nature walk

Those who are thirtsy bought drinks for that shop. Yee told the shopkeeper, "Boleh beli 1 free 1? Saya sangat hangus." thirtsy = haus; burnt = hangus

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have a friend, known him for 8 yrs. He never change his attitude, still that immature. I hate him a lot ofcourse. I didnt see him for years, didnt talk too. But why people still can say, we're close to each other?

People talk without their eyes open. U heard that I smoke? Whose the 1st one to spread this? Ask him/her, did he/she see with their own eyes. If they saw I smoke, that's mean they see something else.


Yes, you can spread it. I don't mind people say that I'm a smoker. "I'm a smoker, not a killer". But when my parents heard about it, you think I still can live in this world?

Human born to have a mouth
Mouth born to speak nice

Human born to have a heart
Heart born to help people

I will look like this when I remove my braces. Nice teeth! XD Sometimes my braces really look extra on my face, the spoiler. Nick made it! And I laughed till upside down.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I have talent

I have new banner, naming "Chloe" the movie. I know putting "Yaya" will suit. It's nick's work. I really impress the skill of the crews of "Chloe". they are talented. Everyone know how to photoshop, but they are talented.



Nick's (This makes me think of insurance. It's nice as the background has our names)

I didnt get Chris's 'Sehat'-looked edited photo. There's one more Eric's work. Gonna put as my banner next time.

I want to learn these kind of designing too! To design myself nicely.

I was thinking of making DIY mask with a friend, but no action yet. I'm invited to beach partIES, this month a "beach" month?

I'm thinking, when I will sponsor a child? After studies and when I start working.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I feel this article

After few days of deciding, searching and asking for advice, finally I have submitted HECAS to UBD and ITB. Why HECAS? We can do it by forms for FREE, no lagging or disconnected.

The "Death" article attracted me. It's about the Kennedy's. Tears drop when I read this article.

"My father taught me how to handle death with grace and courage. 40 years later, his example still gives me comfort." By Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

She said,
"My aunt Kathleen (Kath was named after her aunt) died in a plane crash 3 yrs before I born.
Uncle Joe and Kath's husband killed in World War 2.
When I was 4, my mother's parents were killed in a plane crash.
My uncle, President John Kennedy, was killed when I was 12.
A few years later, another uncle- George, and daddy's best friend, were killed in a plane crash.
9 months later, George's wife chocked on a piece of food and died.
My father was killed in June 1968 when I was 16.
When I was in college, one of my best friends committed suicide.
A friend, with whom I'd bought a car - a Volks wagen - as beaten up by thugs and stayed in coma for 30 years before he died.
My brother David died of a drug overdose.
My bro Michael, died in a freak skiing accident.
My cousin John and his wife and sis-in-law died in a plane crash just before my sis Rory's wedding..."

Continuous deaths in one person's life. Imagine, it's like there's at least one person died in every minute. Appreciate everything around you. This is the reason why I always join activities in one-GO. I make good use of my time, doing things meaning-ful or may be not.


Suppose there was a shooting (Chloe) this morning. Something interesting happen. HAHA! Not that good to spread it here.

Cizmo Fashion House announcement from the boss: Cizmo will be open of one last batch pre-order. Deadline will be on 22nd Feb, 2009. Don't be too stingy to inform your friend about it. We now have accessories.!!

Have to get paid next time for advertising. Recently doing un-paid job, help people advertise in my blog.

the 2nd V-Day

I'm not single, so I'm celebrating the V-day.

This is the sun today at Jerudong beach.

Went to Empire for dinner. We chose the open air side. Love the environment, the feeling, the wind, the sea and the FOODS.

It's seafood buffet...The seafoods are cooked.

So many foods there, sushi too!

The prawns are cold but nice and weird~

They gift rose and Face Shop stuffs too.

Watched a TV show. This is the first time I watch shows which teach you, "Hao Lian (show off), Pek Cek (annoy), sart (cool), etc.

And, and, I got something to share tomorrow. Tomorrow last shooting "Chloe". 杀青!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday means...

Lily did a test on me, CLICK.

Birthdate meaning :
At first glance, people think you are quiet type of person (some). Actually you are cheerful, but conditionally (Im cheerful 24-7). You will show your joyful character only in good mood (in bad mood too). One the other hand, when you are moody, no one would dare to be around. Because of your emotion fluctuation and frank character, some find you hard to be around (may be, but I hope my friends are around). Your Love, You hardly show your feeling towards opposite sex no matter how much you like him/her (true). Your partner also has similar character so your love affairs often take quite a while to flourish. Time tells it all. Your sincerity makes you very attractive. (Lily: kinda agree!! Yaya: agree too haha)

Greatest strength :
Strong will, outstanding courage and self-confidence (wow!). They are excellent leaders as long as they do not over task their followers.

Weakness :
Obstinate (sometimes haha) and intolerant (depends).

Best Jobs :
Financial work. (Lily: yes, boleh work at BBB. Yaya: I hope) ^^

Let's welcome him!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sickening Me

UBD open day today. Some people went early in the morning and found tat it start at 2pm. Lucky Lx know when it starts XD

This guy want to be Tok Hoi no.2, putting a cup of water

Went to MOD thai restaurant.

Hi I have Ice cream~

I have mee and mango salad

And I have tang hoon salad

No more Thai food for me. It's not spicy, but SUPER sour. I love the cuttle fish only. That salad will be suitable for "Truth or Dare".

I don't feel well as I pening car. I feel headache and energy-less for hours. So I didnt get to ask much questions at UBD. DST is making good money recently. GCE results are related to them, we have to pay $3 for the results; and now even we apply UBD, ITB, UNISSA, we have to pay DST too!!??

That couple went to watch movie. This is the 1st time I get that bored when I go Bandar. I stay at snowhouse for about 2 hours. 2 hours is killing me okay~ Lucky I go to snowhouse as a friend but not customer. So I can online and walk up and down. STILL KILLING ME LA!! Friend (guy) saying, "I don accompany girls." Urhh, what a gay~

My phone credit today like water @.@

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Happy Birthday to You~

This was supposed to be a surprise too.

Actually, I was allowed to post this pic only..

But I think this pic ok ho?

She always dont want to get posted on my blog or FB, so I'm allowed this and not allowed that.

I send her a very nice A4 paper with cartoons, with words:

It makes me so happy
Just being with you
For as well as being my best friend
You are my soul mate too
I love you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Went to Escapade to celebrate Chien's birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise one. But ho, some people lui lui one, dont know how to ACT.

Ah boy never see people blowing cakes

We ate so much today. Keep order order and order. But but, our UNCLE pay for us. Hahah


Happy BuuurrPPPpday to...



and Diane & Joanne!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


First time I heard my name on radio. By Conia, "Michael wants to say helo to Yaya magdalene."

Before that the funniest thing, "Michael is going to save his gf at Tutong, because her car had broke down."

Beh tahan.



过年不能说不吉利的话。。。让 X 来代替吧。

我去 X 算啦!

人生一定要那么复杂吗?Life must be that complicated?

人就是要那么为难人吗?Human must bully human?



Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Love You

Met many friends, they went up to Bandar with the purpose of visiting the Expo, to look for Uni. That's one of my purpose too, at the same time, I went to BBb interview.

My very first time interview, I have no idea how would it be. It was relax since we (with the interviewer) know each other (friend's friend). I wanted to maintain my serious-ness but still I laughed HAHA =.= I was stucked when he asked me to describe MORE about myself. If I'm shortlisted, then I will get another SERIOUS interview. Hope I can get it!! Guess most probably working in bandar if I'm recruited.

This is The Mall Expo which will be closing tomorrow.

I would like to help my friend to advertise these lovely valentine gifts. They are the combination of bears, lace, and Ferrero Rocher. Some gifts are designed in bouquet. So instead of flowers, you can give chocolate!

Bear holding Ferrero $10 each


Each of them has 3 Ferrero with either a Bear or a Love $10 each

Front view (with bear)

Front view (with love)

Top view




Ferrero with roses (romantic) $45


Ferrero with 2 bears <3>$55

In different colour


Big bouquet with Bears + Ferrero-s $100

This Valentine Gifts Booth is at The Mall ground floor, in front of Giordano. Or you can get it from me. If you want the gifts to be sent to your place, it will be additional charge of $5.

Any enquiries, e-mail to with the title "Valentine Gifts order" in case I thought it's a junk mail. Or u can go to my Chat Box.