Thursday, April 30, 2015

Garage Sale

Hello darlings, here's another garage sale! Not in Seria this time but Seri/Batu Satu/Chempaka/Jalan Tutong (whatever you name that area). You can call the number if you cant find the location.

We will be doing it at the car park of the apartment.

We have clothes, bags, electrical appliances, fashion stuffs, many more, used and NEW!

I have a new luggage that I plan to let go after a long thought. Reason, it's too pretty to be used lol. I will hardly use it, so I might as well let go to someone who would love it too.

It's new, you can see still have plastic and tag with it. 
Size 24" by 15".
360 degree rotation.
Spacious with divider. 
Most importantly, it's LIGHTWEIGHT!
And it looks sexy

And I'm gonna sell it in cheaper price :) 

You can contact me through email or whatsapp if interested. Or you can go over the garage sell to have a look! 

Help me to spread the words, and see you guys there. Thank you *smoooch*

Monday, April 27, 2015

Din's Bistro

It's been long that I didn't post foods!

Din's Bistro serves western foods. I don't really know how to use fancy words to describe foods but no matter in terms of the taste or the way they cook the foods, they are good, and the foods always look very pretty and yummy!

Most of the times, I don't order from the menu, I personalize my foods. Sometimes I just feel like I want to the lobster from this dish with the pasta from that dish, so let's combine it! Haha 

Steak with mushroom sauce.

Lobster Pasta. Recommended!

Last month, we celebrated Arthur's one year old at Din's. And we had vegetarian dishes. Isn't that cool!? Normally vegetarian foods in Brunei are more to Chinese style, and Din's serves the western style of vegetarian foods.

Leek and potato soup.

Mushroom Salad with cocktail sauce. Mushroom's my fav!

 Vegetarian Shepherds pie. 
Not too oily, with a bit sour taste from the tomato, very yummilicious! 

Mushroom and Asparagus risotto 

Since it's Arthur's birthday, Din's actually prepared vegetarian baby foods

And also they have desserts like cakes.  

You can check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Din's is located at Gadong, the block beside Ayamku's block. Turn in at Ayamku's block and go towards the very end, Din's is at the last unit.

Are you feeling hungry looking at the pics? Me too =.=

And thanks Carol and Anthony for inviting me to this wonderful lunch with Arthur ^^

*smooooch* Best day to y'all!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Singapore Vlog

I just have that edit video mood. Read more on the previous post. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chinese New Year in Singapore

Hello I'm back! As you know, I was in Singapore during Chinese New Year. It was a different experience as normally I celebrate CNY with relatives, and this year's more like shopping on a CNY. It was great that I can have a break from work!

However many shops were not open till the third day of CNY. 

I stayed two night at Marina Bay Sands
 The infinity pool. 

Like normal hotel, MBS gave us two room cards. To go to the infinity pool, you have to show your room card to enter, so it's like one card for one person, hence one room for two adults. We have five person here so I asked if we can get one more room card, and the receptionist said SGD$100 for a card *jaw drop* Nevermind then. So just an info for you guys la if next time you go to MBS. 

 Met up with Alex and we went to the MBS club- Ku De Ta. S$38 cover charge (selected days) inclusive a drink.
Since it's at rooftop, so the environment is pretty nice, windy and nice view. Lot's of ang moh too. 

The  next day we visited the Gardens by the Bay. Since it's a holiday, so the Q was quite long, but still okay. 

My fav part of the garden, the waterfall! The air is cool and fresh which Alex said "more like air con air" lol

Lego Rafflesia and pitcher plants.

The CNY decoration.

I introduce you a very nice dessert, Tai Parfait! It's from Japan. The fish part is the nicest, I don't know how to describe but the texture is just right. It's hot, soft and crispy. They have fillings in the fish too, like chocolate, red beans, etc. Red bean is the most popular one.


We had Korean cuisine for dinner at Yoogane. It's not a BBQ but stir fried. Very interesting, very delicious loooo.

Glass noodles.

After that, chilled with Alex again at Ku De Ta. It was happening because an ang moh got pulled out of the club by few securities...scarily. =.= 

Then we went down to have a walk around MBS, watched a fountain show too, then went to the night market to grab foods.

Very nice bridge toward the night market. 

He was trying to make his face round. haha 

We went to Universal Studio on the third day. It was my third time and it wasn't that great. Damn, it's a bad timing to go on a public holiday. My second time there was during Christmas in 2012. The Q was worse than the Xmas I went. Most of the Q were more than an hour, even two hours! 

However the Transformer ride was our top priority, so we rode and the Q was around 2 hours. Faint. But worth it. 
My dad and two bros in 2011 and 2015. My lil brother is obviously taller! He's already taller than me.

During the rides.

We rode the Luge.

Sentosa Beach. Not much bikini girls, sad. 

Beautiful. At Sentosa.

A must-do before we left Singapore....
To eat Katong Laksa! Been craving for this. Apparently there are few Kotong Laksa restaurants in that area, of course, I wasn't sure which one I went last time. In the end we chose this la. This is a fast food style. The one I went with Ming Hwei was nicer! Because this 328 ran out of clams, and that's the most important ingredient in the laksa! Too unlucky.

But still yummmmy!

Then back to Brunei and these are the only CNY pictures. 

Watch my Malaysia and Singapore haul: