Monday, April 27, 2015

Din's Bistro

It's been long that I didn't post foods!

Din's Bistro serves western foods. I don't really know how to use fancy words to describe foods but no matter in terms of the taste or the way they cook the foods, they are good, and the foods always look very pretty and yummy!

Most of the times, I don't order from the menu, I personalize my foods. Sometimes I just feel like I want to the lobster from this dish with the pasta from that dish, so let's combine it! Haha 

Steak with mushroom sauce.

Lobster Pasta. Recommended!

Last month, we celebrated Arthur's one year old at Din's. And we had vegetarian dishes. Isn't that cool!? Normally vegetarian foods in Brunei are more to Chinese style, and Din's serves the western style of vegetarian foods.

Leek and potato soup.

Mushroom Salad with cocktail sauce. Mushroom's my fav!

 Vegetarian Shepherds pie. 
Not too oily, with a bit sour taste from the tomato, very yummilicious! 

Mushroom and Asparagus risotto 

Since it's Arthur's birthday, Din's actually prepared vegetarian baby foods

And also they have desserts like cakes.  

You can check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Din's is located at Gadong, the block beside Ayamku's block. Turn in at Ayamku's block and go towards the very end, Din's is at the last unit.

Are you feeling hungry looking at the pics? Me too =.=

And thanks Carol and Anthony for inviting me to this wonderful lunch with Arthur ^^

*smooooch* Best day to y'all!

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