Thursday, April 30, 2015

Garage Sale

Hello darlings, here's another garage sale! Not in Seria this time but Seri/Batu Satu/Chempaka/Jalan Tutong (whatever you name that area). You can call the number if you cant find the location.

We will be doing it at the car park of the apartment.

We have clothes, bags, electrical appliances, fashion stuffs, many more, used and NEW!

I have a new luggage that I plan to let go after a long thought. Reason, it's too pretty to be used lol. I will hardly use it, so I might as well let go to someone who would love it too.

It's new, you can see still have plastic and tag with it. 
Size 24" by 15".
360 degree rotation.
Spacious with divider. 
Most importantly, it's LIGHTWEIGHT!
And it looks sexy

And I'm gonna sell it in cheaper price :) 

You can contact me through email or whatsapp if interested. Or you can go over the garage sell to have a look! 

Help me to spread the words, and see you guys there. Thank you *smoooch*

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