Thursday, May 14, 2015

A lil story about my mom and I

Opps a bit blur

Hello darlings! I'm a bad daughter, I don't go back to my hometown often, average once a month, at most twice a month. I always feel like I can't finish my works and I have to stay back and do my things over the weekend. I always try to go home on festivals and my family's birthday. And so, I went back hometown for Mother's day :)

Like usual, the whole family including my grandma, aunties and uncles would have a big family gathering on a mother's day. And there's something that the family would always mention and remember, that is the serious car accident that I had in 2007 on a Mother's day. In 2012, my car was broken and my things got stolen on a mother's day too. Pretty unlucky. But I didn't really avoid anything on this Mother's day.

Anyway, here's a lil story about my mom and I. I was kinda rebellious during the teen and that's the period when I got very negative and I didn't have a good relationship with my mom. I didn't hate her or dislike her, nor shout at her (I never dare to), but just we weren't very close. My mind was rebellious but physically I'm a good girl. 

My mom didn't allow me to do a lot of things, like learning musics, to study abroad or even have a choice to choose my future, didn't allow me to travel with cousins, etc. I listened to her and respected her, and so mentally I became bad. I was very negative. I blamed my brother for making my mom so unfair to me (although there's nothing to do with him) because of his existence. I wanted reasons on why she didn't allow me to do things, but there was always no reason given.

After that, my dad kinda settled the issues, and made everything better.

My mom and I got closer when I studied uni. I always went home and storied her my uni life. It was great and there was so much to share about with my mom. Even until today, when I go home, I tell what I did in the city, and how's work life, how's love life. And my mom would share her stories too.

It's really amazing how things change sometimes. Although my little heart got broken by my mom before, it's so amazing that we can chat a lot today and I always feel comfortable to chat with my mom about my problems, "GIRLS TALK"

3 things that my mom taught me:

1. Always say nice things about people. 多说好话。She meant like don't say how naughty is that kid running around the restaurant, how ugly is that person, etc. For me, it's ok to complain if things happen to you, but don't criticize or discriminate people especially when they do nothing to you.

She taught me not to encourage people to get divorce no matter how bad is people's relationship. It's people's matter and it would be better to say positive things than negative.

2.  It's more important to have a man who treats you well than having a rich man. For example, my dad. ^^

3. 退一步,海阔天空。Calm down and don't say too much to avoid arguments. My mom is so good at this and trust me, I never seen my parents fight this 25 years. Sometimes my dad would say something which if I'm his wife, I would say "I dare you to say one more time!" but my mom would always keep quiet when necessary. In a way, my mom is kinda always give way to make things better. 

My mom can really speak in a sweet tone like a girl sometimes which I find it disgusting at times. She can sound so manja =.=" tell me how can my dad's heart don't melt!? lol

I really feel thankful to my mom for everything. I'm glad to have a mom who likes to make herself pretty and that's what that have made the Eahui today. I always see my mom does her nail polish, makeup, dress up and shopping (opps). I learnt half of my mom's pattern. She taught me to use the blue Maybelline mascara when I was in high school haha 

I wish I can save enough money asap to bring my mom to travel Japan, that's her dream :)

till next time, smoooch!

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