Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Kitty fever

Mc Donald is releasing another Hello Kitty again. The Mc Donald outlets, in every countries, are always insane when new Kitty is released. People Q for hours just for those soft toys. They are just soft toys right? If I'm not mistaken.

The kitty set.

 The 9Gags during Hello Kitty fever:

Some people buy a lot and sell them.

Look at the bids! SGD$100 000+!!??? I believe people are still bidding. 
Hello Kitty fans siao already, get a soft toy for more than SGD$126,000!??? I can buy so many branded bags with that money. 

Mc D looking at this long Q and says "Ba la ba ba ba, I'm loving it!"

Ling got a Kitty plane for me, she said because I told her that we have to sit Kitty airline together one day ^^
So it's like a 聘礼 (a gift from a guy to the girlfirend as a promise that he will marry her). So we promised each other that we are gonna fly with kitty airline together one day. I can't see a future in this, so about 30% of chances to have this thing come true lol Gonna make effort to make this come true.

It's a candy plane.

Recently, my dreams seemed so real that I confused whether it was a dream or what. One of the dreams was, I was in a pretty and luxurious hostel of UBD, my friends and I gathered in my room and we drank beer and chill. It seemed so real that I thought really hard whether I have finished my uni or not, whether I have sit for the exams or not. Thought so hard that I realised it was a dream. Funny huh.

That's all for today, have a nice weekend dolls.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trying the CC cream

I'm still here! Am still jobless so nothing special to blog about. I went to interviews but the companies wanna look for permanent staffs so kinda not interested in me. Everyday I just watch Hongkong series, online, go to piano class, asking friends to come over my house to chill, settle uni stuff, busy with the new house, etc. And now taking few minutes to update.

Have been wanting to try CC cream which is the improved version of BB cream. This costs BND$60+!! If not because I got  a 50% birthday voucher, don't think I would get this. Was so headache what to get with the 50% voucher since there's nothing that I need. Then finally I decided to try this la. 

The texture is thinner/lighter/liquid-er than BB cream. Not that oily compared to Skin 79 BB cream. Other than that, it's almost the same, I think. I'm using the natural beige. 

Got a sample of another brand from CLEO. I think this is gonna to be fair for my skin since it's light beige. 

Gonna go Bandar soon to do uni stuff, and also to check the new house. Sooo many problems with the construction, and contractor kinda not willing to do his best. Sigh....they said it's normal to have these kind of problems if houses are built by contractor. 

I can't type properly now because my mom and brother are SOOOOO noisy. Hin hin.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Got a birthday voucher from my cousin at Pini Salon. Felt so paiseh because it was a Chinese auntie who washed my hair and neck massage. The massage was good but at the same time, I was worrying that her fingers were gonna break.

Met the bully for dinner at Ice Bar.

Was so happy to eat the ho-liao because it had been a long time I didn't dine in Bandar. 

My fav dessert: Mango snowflake!

I had been wanting to try baking this macaroni a looong time ago. Finally, last Thursday, the friends were free to come over and eat it!

Macaroni topped with mashed tastes not bad! phew~

See their happy faces showing my baked macaroni was delicious. Even Ken the chef said not bad too okay~
They are always my guinea pig, so glad to have them ^^

After 9 months, finally my house is done with electricity and water. Now we just need to renovate a bit and I can move in! This is the super big balcony outside the master bedroom.
Actually wanted to rent out the rooms after the renovation is done, but I changed my mind, so rooms renting out next year.
So much to deal with this empty house. Had to meet up the salespersons for safety stuffs, aircons, cabinets, water tank, etc. I thought everything could be done in 2 hours, but hell NO, it was whole afternoon. Was so exhausted that day.

Went to Miri on Saturday and chilled the whole night at my house till 4am lol
It's ok if I say we sing or party till 4am, but they were just talking and talking the whole night like a ladies night, they even read the ladies magazines together "Women's weekly" and "CLEO". haha 

Liking the Loreal Color Riche range of lipsticks, they have nice colors and it's moisturizing. Unlike some lipsticks, it's either too shimmery or dry. This is just good. I got one of the colors last year and got another one recently which is the "Peachy dream". The color is naturally peach, like filling the color of your lips. Not too red, not too light, just good, giving a healthy color of lips!

I'm wearing the lip color in this pic, it's obviously not clear, blame the iphone 4 front cam! Nah...just a chio pic of me ok ^^

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dumpling Festival 端午节 2

I went to the beach just now. Not that much people like years back, but still a lot of people. I didn't see any kids playing sand castles :(

So my grandma asked me to feed 海龙王 (king of the sea). Wanted to go deeper but I didn't dare to bring my cousin any further, because her parents were watching haha. When the wave came, it was actually until my knee already. 

His first time joining this culture. He brought binoculars lol but felt paiseh to use after that. Wanted to use that to see girls maybe. 


On this day, people will make the eggs stand on the ground at around 12-1pm. I always miss the chance of doing this! Last time was because I had school, but now it's because I always oversleep. And this year I totally forgot about it till I see people Instagram their eggs! sigh, have to wait another year again. 
They said you don't have to do anything, just carefully place the egg on the ground then it will stand. 

p.s: Some of you asked me about Gohan. Gohan has decided their date for soft opening on June 15th! It's located at Howsten building (beside Kiarong Baiduri Bank Block A), 1st floor.  

p.p.s: I'm renting out rooms at Mata-mata, with aircon, has washroom in every room, with bed, cabinet and a table. Opening for rent around August. Contact me if interested. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dumpling Festival 端午节

Tomorrow (12th June, Wednesday) is 五月初五 (May 5th) in Chinese calender, where the Chinese will be celebrating the Dumpling Festival (端午节).

Dumplings, which consist of pork, rice, mushroom, sometimes salted egg yolk, and any ingredients that you like.

KB-ian and Seria-ian have this culture of going to beach on this day to celebrate. Some people will throw dumplings to the sea which the Chinese believe the sharks or whatever creature in the sea would eat the dumplings and not the guy who had accidentally fell into the sea hundreds years ago. There's a story behind why people throw dumplings to the sea la...u can Google it if you are non-Chinese. 

OK, my point is...I realised there are people, especially those who are not from KB/Seria don't know about this culture. I mean Tutong/Bandar-ian la. They don't go to beach on this day and it's like a new thing to them whenever I tell Bandar-ians about this. 

So if you're not a KB/Seria-ian and don't know about this, you can join the fun in Seria/KB beach. There will be a lot of people swimming, walk doggies and having fun at the beach. I will not recommend you to bring dumpling to throw to the sea as it's creating pollution. But old people like my grandma will not understand this, she would tell me 海龙王 (king of the sea) wants to eat. If you're asking which beach, there's only one beach no matter you go KB/Seria, there will people along the coast. Maybe you can go Billionth Barrel. In the evening, when it's not very sunny around 5pm.

These are the pics last year: 

See you there...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

K-pop eyes

was trying on make up, another way to line the eyes. Wei kept telling me I look fierce, do I do I?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I tell myself YOLO! Be happy!

Have you ever feel so fed up that you don't wanna do something anymore? Because you have been doing it for nothing? and people may not appreciate it? I am. I didn't keep this in heart, I even confronted that person of telling him/her about the issue, but nothing is changed. Again and again, the same thing happen and I don't want to be stupid anymore.

Have you ever been so mad that you just want that person who shut the f*ck up and listen + digest your words?

Have you ever been so demotivated when no one support you? I'm not that kind of person when someone says "You can't do it" and I'll go "I'll prove to u." Too bad I'm not that kind of person. I'm the kind when you think I can't and keep telling me I can't, fine, I don't do it then. Like when I told someone that I wanna plant flowers in my house, then he laughed "You won't water the plants everyday." Fine! Don't plant then. Demotivated, get it?

When I feel down I can sleep whole day or drink all night, either one. If I sleep then I won't be thinking anything. If I drink and chill with friends, at least there's someone to keep me accompanied. I would love to write, either blog or book, but sometimes I don't know what to write. Just want to record the happy stuffs.

Can't wait to go KL, if not because of graduation and a friend's wedding, I have already left this boring place. Sigh...

Monday, June 3, 2013

We potluck!

It's always tired to have the childhood friends reunion because most of the time it's held at my house, and that's mean I'll be the maid of the night. But still Ok, it's fun every time to hear stories and the funny stuffs. 

My friends are good chefs. 

We finally got separated :'( 
We were classmates for 20 years since 3 years old. We studied in the same school, college and uni, we took the same courses, same tuition schools, same modules in uni, same CCA, same group in projectS, like seriously, everything's the same. Who knows in the future we may be working in the same company lol

Like a wedding photo haha

Played games and these are my drawings!

I'm too good in the game, just had a fish on my forehead. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My 23rd Birthday Part 2

Few days ago, DT treated me a birthday dinner at Yi-Hah-Hai seafood restaurant in Miri. This place is by the river.

Beautiful sunset with a dry river =.=

I love seafood!

We ordered a fish maw soup...

Red wine billing, 1 kg of clam, 1kg of that spiral thing, asam fish and 1kg of crabs!
We were ready to tapao because we thought we couldn't finish them, but we finished it and not too bloated for me. All these were finished by 2 persons only!
 And the foods are very delicious. 

Birthday gift from DT, Philippine's mango ice cream! My fav flavour.  

On my birthday, I received this funny faces from Evon in NY. Awww...

Kitty skin cares from Carol in Singapore! cute.

Cute instructions.

Kitty perfumes from my dad.

So happy to receive this. I asked Chien to help me buy these, 40 mask sheets from Korea~ It's cheaper there.

Lastly, to show you the music piano box done by me. It's like a 3D puzzle and I feel like an engineer making this. This made me thought of Yuet Ling so I gave this to her. Gonna get another one for myself because it's so cute! and feel relax when I turn that thing to play the music. 

Been so sleepy these days because I've been taking medicine for my cough. Coughing gets serious every night x.x It's been more than a week. Wanna get recover asap because I wanna drink cold drinks and eat my mango ice cream! zzz....