Monday, June 17, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Got a birthday voucher from my cousin at Pini Salon. Felt so paiseh because it was a Chinese auntie who washed my hair and neck massage. The massage was good but at the same time, I was worrying that her fingers were gonna break.

Met the bully for dinner at Ice Bar.

Was so happy to eat the ho-liao because it had been a long time I didn't dine in Bandar. 

My fav dessert: Mango snowflake!

I had been wanting to try baking this macaroni a looong time ago. Finally, last Thursday, the friends were free to come over and eat it!

Macaroni topped with mashed tastes not bad! phew~

See their happy faces showing my baked macaroni was delicious. Even Ken the chef said not bad too okay~
They are always my guinea pig, so glad to have them ^^

After 9 months, finally my house is done with electricity and water. Now we just need to renovate a bit and I can move in! This is the super big balcony outside the master bedroom.
Actually wanted to rent out the rooms after the renovation is done, but I changed my mind, so rooms renting out next year.
So much to deal with this empty house. Had to meet up the salespersons for safety stuffs, aircons, cabinets, water tank, etc. I thought everything could be done in 2 hours, but hell NO, it was whole afternoon. Was so exhausted that day.

Went to Miri on Saturday and chilled the whole night at my house till 4am lol
It's ok if I say we sing or party till 4am, but they were just talking and talking the whole night like a ladies night, they even read the ladies magazines together "Women's weekly" and "CLEO". haha 

Liking the Loreal Color Riche range of lipsticks, they have nice colors and it's moisturizing. Unlike some lipsticks, it's either too shimmery or dry. This is just good. I got one of the colors last year and got another one recently which is the "Peachy dream". The color is naturally peach, like filling the color of your lips. Not too red, not too light, just good, giving a healthy color of lips!

I'm wearing the lip color in this pic, it's obviously not clear, blame the iphone 4 front cam! Nah...just a chio pic of me ok ^^

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