Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trying the CC cream

I'm still here! Am still jobless so nothing special to blog about. I went to interviews but the companies wanna look for permanent staffs so kinda not interested in me. Everyday I just watch Hongkong series, online, go to piano class, asking friends to come over my house to chill, settle uni stuff, busy with the new house, etc. And now taking few minutes to update.

Have been wanting to try CC cream which is the improved version of BB cream. This costs BND$60+!! If not because I got  a 50% birthday voucher, don't think I would get this. Was so headache what to get with the 50% voucher since there's nothing that I need. Then finally I decided to try this la. 

The texture is thinner/lighter/liquid-er than BB cream. Not that oily compared to Skin 79 BB cream. Other than that, it's almost the same, I think. I'm using the natural beige. 

Got a sample of another brand from CLEO. I think this is gonna to be fair for my skin since it's light beige. 

Gonna go Bandar soon to do uni stuff, and also to check the new house. Sooo many problems with the construction, and contractor kinda not willing to do his best. Sigh....they said it's normal to have these kind of problems if houses are built by contractor. 

I can't type properly now because my mom and brother are SOOOOO noisy. Hin hin.

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