Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I tell myself YOLO! Be happy!

Have you ever feel so fed up that you don't wanna do something anymore? Because you have been doing it for nothing? and people may not appreciate it? I am. I didn't keep this in heart, I even confronted that person of telling him/her about the issue, but nothing is changed. Again and again, the same thing happen and I don't want to be stupid anymore.

Have you ever been so mad that you just want that person who shut the f*ck up and listen + digest your words?

Have you ever been so demotivated when no one support you? I'm not that kind of person when someone says "You can't do it" and I'll go "I'll prove to u." Too bad I'm not that kind of person. I'm the kind when you think I can't and keep telling me I can't, fine, I don't do it then. Like when I told someone that I wanna plant flowers in my house, then he laughed "You won't water the plants everyday." Fine! Don't plant then. Demotivated, get it?

When I feel down I can sleep whole day or drink all night, either one. If I sleep then I won't be thinking anything. If I drink and chill with friends, at least there's someone to keep me accompanied. I would love to write, either blog or book, but sometimes I don't know what to write. Just want to record the happy stuffs.

Can't wait to go KL, if not because of graduation and a friend's wedding, I have already left this boring place. Sigh...

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