Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dumpling Festival 端午节

Tomorrow (12th June, Wednesday) is 五月初五 (May 5th) in Chinese calender, where the Chinese will be celebrating the Dumpling Festival (端午节).

Dumplings, which consist of pork, rice, mushroom, sometimes salted egg yolk, and any ingredients that you like.

KB-ian and Seria-ian have this culture of going to beach on this day to celebrate. Some people will throw dumplings to the sea which the Chinese believe the sharks or whatever creature in the sea would eat the dumplings and not the guy who had accidentally fell into the sea hundreds years ago. There's a story behind why people throw dumplings to the sea la...u can Google it if you are non-Chinese. 

OK, my point is...I realised there are people, especially those who are not from KB/Seria don't know about this culture. I mean Tutong/Bandar-ian la. They don't go to beach on this day and it's like a new thing to them whenever I tell Bandar-ians about this. 

So if you're not a KB/Seria-ian and don't know about this, you can join the fun in Seria/KB beach. There will be a lot of people swimming, walk doggies and having fun at the beach. I will not recommend you to bring dumpling to throw to the sea as it's creating pollution. But old people like my grandma will not understand this, she would tell me 海龙王 (king of the sea) wants to eat. If you're asking which beach, there's only one beach no matter you go KB/Seria, there will people along the coast. Maybe you can go Billionth Barrel. In the evening, when it's not very sunny around 5pm.

These are the pics last year: 

See you there...

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