Tuesday, July 26, 2011

劉子千- 唸你

This song is all over the news, famous of its awful-ness.
Even my mom and brother sing this! ugrh!!

I can't accept it when he's actually quite handsome. Then I go search other songs of his.
I found that he actually sings good, and I used to like one of his songs "Mr. Why".
So, I guess, the awful song above are composed to make him a bit more popular, just like William Hung back to years ago.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ho jiak! Jin ho jiak! (好吃!真好吃!)

HOHO! It's like a weekly routine already. Every weekend I can eat ho-liao made by my friends.

picture by duan
Banana Flambe
by Thanis
The most interesting part is the flame on the banana

Pasta by Thanis too if not mistaken lol

OH! I ate a lot of crabs too by PSW!
I was busy eating and forgot to take a picture of it.
Now I'm feeling to eat them again.


Sometimes, things come all together at the same time and I don't know which one to do first.

I'm trying to organize them well.

- I'm planning to organise a garage sale, but I'm afraid not much people will come if I make it in Seria.

- If I fail to organise the garage sale, I would sell my things online. I hope it will be successful.

- I'm thinking of a business idea, because I want to join the iCentre business idea competition if my uni schedule is not too packed. Just for fun. hehe

- Uni is reopening soon, so I need to choose my module wisely.

- I got a performance. I hope it's not going to be a last minute cancel. This is not hard I guess, because it's a solo dance. No one knows if I got it wrong lol

- And something made me a bit down when I received a call this morning about my part time job, I hope it's going to be fine.

Give me suggestions if you can, or you want to make these together with me, it's my pleasure. Then you're gonna be my 贵人 and I appreciate it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Money Chua

Was browsing through the albums, and found that my brother was really cute when he was a kid.
I like babies, especially those starting from 2 months old, they are chubby and nice to play with.

Before my brother was born, I dislike kids and thought they are annoying. I don't smile at babies, but only smile at guys at that time.
Only after my brother was born, I started to love kissing him, hug him and make him cry.

And that's when I love babies!!!

Oh ya, back to the title, why Money Chua? Because his Chinese name slightly sounds like "money" in Hokkien.


that was my clothes

that's banana without skin peeling off

he got a long brows

He used to sing this almost everyday when he got home from the kindergarten.

Then he starts becoming not that cute anymore...

Now, he's annoying.

This is my cousin.
Now, she hates me because she thinks that I like to disturb kids.

Ok, now I let you laugh at me.
Or you may feel shock that I was horrible last time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

满足的晚餐 (A satisfying dinner)

This Tuesday I had a briefing in the morning and a meeting in the evening, so I was so free + bored in the noon.

I watched "Mr. Popper's Penguin" with a friend, we both didn't find it funny like how my friends described. Some said, "prepare ur tummy to be turned upside down... freaking hilarious and kewtt!!"; and some said "I couldn't stop laughing". It was just OK for me, some of the audiences laughed, but I slept for few minutes in the cinema.

I normally go to Barely There, my friend's shop, to look for her whenever I'm bored.

What a coincidence that another friend was there, so Carol and me were invited to his restaurant and tried out the deep sea grouper that he bought. So, we had our dinner there, at Pondok Sari Wangi.

picture taken by duan
Ma Po Toufu
is a bit spicy, but damn delicious.
It suits my taste.

The deep sea grouper, 1.7 kg.
Can be eaten by 10 people, but this was eaten by only 3 of us. It was tasty wa~
The manager was happy that we 2 girls ate a lot of rice.

We had desserts and coffee after the dinner :D
picture taken by duan
picture taken by duan

Satisfying night :)
Ended up I didn't go to the meeting lol

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

HM's birthday

So, we celebrated this big day at Labi.

I make good salad, how can I not share this with friends.

We filled the water guns with COLD water

yes, childish I know

Saw these army on the way back to Seria.
They have guns (arrow).

Gonna upload a video tomorrow, hopefully.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 Facebook Relationship Etiquette Do's & Don'ts

Some people would ask me why I don't change my FaceBook status.

1. I don't like people to have comments on my status, or the guy whom I'm with, especially when I change "In a relationship" to "single".

2. Since I'm not married, I don't see any good reason for me to change status to "In a relationship".

3. I change my status when I have a stable relationship, may be when only when I'm married.

4. I'm not a type who would announce when I'm in a relationship, nor Single.

5. OK, I just don't like to announce laaa

I read this from ShoppingLifestyle: Facebook Relationship Etiquette

1. Do post appropriate couple photos.

""Never post a photo you wouldn't want your mom, minister, or future employer to see, because that's who's looking," says Daily.
A general rule of thumb is no kissing with your mouth open, no hands above mid thigh or anywhere near your boobs."

Yea, from my Facebook photos, you won't be able to find any kissing or inappropriate pictures of me and boyfriend. I normally send the pictures through our msn or bluetooth.

2. Do keep your lovey-dovey messages private.

"First, your friends don't really want to read your pet names and inside jokes. Second, think about why you'd want to make something personal between you and your guy so public -- are you involved in a relationship or putting on a show? Usually when someone spends a lot of time trying to convince other people what a great relationship she has, it's because she doesn't believe it herself," adds Daily.

An example, "Baby I miss you so much. You are my world..."

When I see my couple friends post these messages on each other wall, I can see how sweet they are.

But this would definitely won't happen on me. Unless my boyfriend did something very lovely, I may just send a SMS telling him that I love him, but will not post on FB.
Somemore I'm not a romantic person who would keep showing how much I love my boyfriend.

If my boyfriend send those kind of messages to me on Facebook, I would only "Like" the post or just ignore. I don't know what should I reply.

3. Don't update your status too early.

Yup, that's one of my reason for not changing my status. What if it doesn't work out? The whole world will know.

4. Don't pretend to be single if you are not.

"It's disrespectful to your sweetie, and unfair to anybody who gathers up the nerve to flirt with you. It's a mark of insecurity to need that constant reassurance that people are attracted to you," says Daily.

The friends will know I'm in a relationship because I post photos of me and boyfriend going to somewhere interesting.

5. Don't post snide comments about exes.

"You'll only come across as petty and immature if you use your social networking profiles to ridicule your ex -- and leave others wondering if you've really moved on. "And you just know, it's going to be forwarded. You just don't know to whom," adds Daily."

I did it once when my ex called me a bitch when he was the one who had a second girlfriend. I was pissed and didn't understand how could a man doesn't admit his wrong and st
ill want to blame on the girlfriend.
So I said "人又不靓仔,钱又没,女又没,升高又没,态度又没,理志又没,鬼​才要你啊。吃屎啦你!"
Translation: not handsome, no money, no girl, no height, no attitude, no brain, only ghost likes you. Eat shit la u!
lol, ok pretty immature...but I was pissed.

6. Don't be too showy.
"Yes, your friends, even the single ones, are happy you've found someone you really like. They just don't want to talk/hear about it 24 hours a day," says Daily.

hmm, I don't do this in Facebook, but I may just grab my friends to listen my happiness.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Disappointing meal in a restaurant

When people pay for your foods and services, the restaurant has a responsibility of satisfying the customer.

Yesterday I went dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Miri. It's a 酒楼, so the services, environment and the foods are expected to be up to standard. The prices are normally not cheap.

Lets discuss from the time I stepped into the restaurant:

1. There's no point of washrooms that have air-con to make it classy when the smell of the washrooms is poisonous.
Customers will satisfy a washroom which is clean with fresh smell even there's no aircon in it.

2. When the foods are served, the flies started to come.
They should do something to not making the flies enter the restaurant.
That's just annoying when the flies fly around when you are eating, and you need to busy shooo them away from your foods.

3. A waiter should not only take down what the customers order but also to give suggestions.
This waitress suggested us the herb chicken. Fine.
After that we started to choose our soup. Fine.
But who knows, the herb chicken is a soup too. The waitress should tell us or re-confirm if we really need two soups. Because we have no idea that we are ordering two soups.

4. We said "which shark fin soup would you recommend?"
And the one the waitress recommended does not have any shark fin in it.
We wanted 鱼翅, not 汤.

5. I mind it a lot when the soups are not hot.

I won't go there the second time, no more!
Some more we have eaten RM200+ and it wasn't satisfying.

The thing that I can't accept the most is the flies flying around in the restaurant. It somewhat proves the level of cleanliness, am I right?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Chill

Weekdays were so bored, weekends are always rather interesting.

Recently my eyelids gone unbalance, my one pair of single eye lids have became one single eye lid and one double eyelid.
My eyelids are currently not suitable to use eye lid sticker, so it's a hard work for me to do on the make up.
So when I'm in a rush, I use the safe way of make up (which is a simple make up) in order to save time in case it went wrong. So, pictures below, I look awful.

The childhood friend celebrated her 21st birthday.
We have been friend for 17 years since we were four!
We studied the same kindergarten, the same high school, the same pre-Uni, the same Uni, and now the same Faculty!
We are always in the same class lol

The next day, another interesting night!
Pretty Girls!
and remember the lovely home with a great interior design in my previous post? Yes, yesterday we went there again to chill ^^

The Asian Fermented Tofu muffin by Thanis.

There are actually a lot of foods, but were busy eating.
fried chicken, squid, cake, roasted duck *sluurp*

Mojito (I spell it right?)

Then we started to take pictures around, because the design is really nice!

Even the guys took a lot of pictures lol
Even Kher said "not sure since when we start to love taking pictures."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I saw this in the news! The 8-legged chicken where they named it "Spider Chicken".

Rumors said may be they need a fast growing of chicken for the fast food restaurants so injected too much.

However, the scientist said it may be just a photoshopped photo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Party woot

July, Aug, Sept...the party months!

Like the deco of the house