Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Chill

Weekdays were so bored, weekends are always rather interesting.

Recently my eyelids gone unbalance, my one pair of single eye lids have became one single eye lid and one double eyelid.
My eyelids are currently not suitable to use eye lid sticker, so it's a hard work for me to do on the make up.
So when I'm in a rush, I use the safe way of make up (which is a simple make up) in order to save time in case it went wrong. So, pictures below, I look awful.

The childhood friend celebrated her 21st birthday.
We have been friend for 17 years since we were four!
We studied the same kindergarten, the same high school, the same pre-Uni, the same Uni, and now the same Faculty!
We are always in the same class lol

The next day, another interesting night!
Pretty Girls!
and remember the lovely home with a great interior design in my previous post? Yes, yesterday we went there again to chill ^^

The Asian Fermented Tofu muffin by Thanis.

There are actually a lot of foods, but were busy eating.
fried chicken, squid, cake, roasted duck *sluurp*

Mojito (I spell it right?)

Then we started to take pictures around, because the design is really nice!

Even the guys took a lot of pictures lol
Even Kher said "not sure since when we start to love taking pictures."

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