Monday, July 11, 2011

Disappointing meal in a restaurant

When people pay for your foods and services, the restaurant has a responsibility of satisfying the customer.

Yesterday I went dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Miri. It's a 酒楼, so the services, environment and the foods are expected to be up to standard. The prices are normally not cheap.

Lets discuss from the time I stepped into the restaurant:

1. There's no point of washrooms that have air-con to make it classy when the smell of the washrooms is poisonous.
Customers will satisfy a washroom which is clean with fresh smell even there's no aircon in it.

2. When the foods are served, the flies started to come.
They should do something to not making the flies enter the restaurant.
That's just annoying when the flies fly around when you are eating, and you need to busy shooo them away from your foods.

3. A waiter should not only take down what the customers order but also to give suggestions.
This waitress suggested us the herb chicken. Fine.
After that we started to choose our soup. Fine.
But who knows, the herb chicken is a soup too. The waitress should tell us or re-confirm if we really need two soups. Because we have no idea that we are ordering two soups.

4. We said "which shark fin soup would you recommend?"
And the one the waitress recommended does not have any shark fin in it.
We wanted 鱼翅, not 汤.

5. I mind it a lot when the soups are not hot.

I won't go there the second time, no more!
Some more we have eaten RM200+ and it wasn't satisfying.

The thing that I can't accept the most is the flies flying around in the restaurant. It somewhat proves the level of cleanliness, am I right?

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