Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kids think like that

My 9 years old brother told me that he needs 10 healthy foods and 10 unhealthy foods' pictures.
After I showed him the pictures that I found, and wanted him to tell me what are they. And he told me that this is....

Bro: LAYS!!!
ME: It's potato chips or snacks

Bro: Mr. brown!
Me: Coffee!!!!!


Bro: Apple!

*vomit blood*

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dancing and Sports event in UBD

Yesterday was dancing for a event in UBD- Peace 1 day, charity for Pakistan.

Was raining, so we danced in the rain!! That was the first time I dance wet-ly.

see how wet we are...

Today is the final of UBD OPEN table tennis. All the matches were nice.
Pictures are in someone's camera, so, will upload once I got them ^^

Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrate Mooncake festival at somewhere

Yesterday was mooncake festival, and it's the first time I'm not celebrating with my family, instead, I celebrated it with leng zai's family.

Different families celebrate it in different ways.
In my family, we are more to the old-fashion, we 拜 the moon, eat mooncake, and everyone plays lattern.
In his family, they celebrated it in a modern way, have liqour kali eh. HAHA

Today, I go back to Seria and found that Chung Ching was celebrating Mooncake festival.
They had shows, singing and play Guessing.
The weird thing is, they had lion dance too.
Was merry.
Creative latterns made by students are shown.

This year, I have tried lots of new mooncakes that I never eat before.
Like the turkey mooncake, and snowskin fruity cute mooncake, chocolate mooncake, etc.

This week is holiday, but I don't feel like holiday.
UBD has many functions like UBD table tennis open, Pesta Konvo, and Peace 1 day.
I join dance performance in Peace day and table tennis tourney of course. Unfortunately, they are all in a same day!
Assignments somemore~~ I hate doing report.
I feel tired :'(

Tomorrow I'm going to Miri to check my teeth.
I need to check every 2 months to make sure that my teeth is in good condition, still nice and tidy.
But this checking is just one minute, I sometimes think if it is necessary to check like this.
Well well, tomorrow I'll go check my teeth, do facial and shop for my needs.
And I need to RUSH to Bandar for dance practice.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Cute le?^^ my poo poo stickers
Story goes like this:
1. I poo
2. I poo the second
3. 2nd poo is happy meeting 1st poo
4. Done! time to clean butt butt
5. Both poo-s ARRRHHHH when flushing

Bo liao people do bo liao things ><

I have a set ^^

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rooster Crow Restaurant

I know Rooster Crow restaurant has been open for quite a long time, but never been there.
What's so special about it? One of the chef starts to do business - frying kue tiaw - in his 15 at Sumbangsih.

One of their famous dessert- tou fu hua

Fish mee yong tao fu
Love their fish mee, its thick and Q

Went to Snow house today ^^

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kuala Lumpur 2 days trip

Went to Kuala Lumpur for 2 days, just for shopping.
Was fun eating and shopping!
Lots of leng zai to see. Boutiques, waiter, bartender, all they employ leng zais!

Was checking in at Brunei Airport.

Few years back, I was excited when I sit on plane, and was scared of robbers.
Now, I'm so scared when I'm in the plane. Can't imagine if I sit on plane for long hours.

We landed at LCCT (air asia's airport).
They have shops like body shops, booths like L'OCCITANE, cafes like Old town, Chocolate, starbucks, etc.
I think KLIA doesn't have these?

my baby's fav!

The first thing come to my mind when u say KL is oil palm.
U can see them all the way when you go to the city from airport.
2nd thing is KL-ian horn a lot!
3rd thing, scary cars!
4th thing, they speak cantonese.

palm trees

We stayed in Parkroyal, like usual. HAHA
I went to KL for quite a few times. So, I'm familiar with buildings nearby and roads.

Since it's raya, they have these malay foods for the customers.

The satay really nice!

We got a big bedroom coz it was full.
The next day we were asked to move to a small room, which is not bad too.


The hotel gave daddy a cake, because it was daddy's birthday.

Went to Sungei Wang, times square, and lowyatt (not sure how to spell it).
We had a quick lunch in this restaurant inside sungei wang.

It was full, but the service still fast!
I thought we need to wait for a long time, but no.

We actually ordered some dishes. but I was busy messaging xD
The foods not bad.
However, the xiu long bao not as nice as KK's.

Went shopping after that la ofcourse.
$ luan luan feng after that la ofcourse XD

This is taiwan's version of mamee.

Bukit bintang

This is lowyatt? Haiya I have no idea how it is actually spelled.
Well, this a big building all selling technologies: phone, lappies, accessories, etc.
About 5 or 6 floors.

I bought a lappie cover and a NICE CUTE SART GORGEOUS key chain speaker with bass somemore!

After a long walk, we rest at Lecko Lecko to eat ice cream.

Continue shopping at time square and had dinner at........

OMG! must try their dishes. JIN HO CHIAK LO!!

This is a restaurant beside dynasty dragon. Flinstone restaurant.


The next day, we went to Mid Valley.

We tried their 'leng' foods.

Loganan honey


Thumbs up for their foods

Shopping again.

You see us 3 sitting there that's mean that shop is not our thing.
It's a watch shop, ngam our parents nia.
Because their watches costs hundreds and thousands each.

Mooncakes are everywhere.
Different flavour, different design.
Not only different designs in mooncakes, but also the packaging.
Why Bruneians are so not creative? See how good business they have!

I love their mooncake the most.
Because their mooncake designs are apple, orange, watermelon, etc.
I mean, it's really a shape of fruits.

Eat again! at Sushi king.

KL has lots of street performers, all talented.
But I can see that it's not an easy job, they need to stand there whole day in order to earn money.

These 3 men are famous!
They were in the press.

We went to LOT 10 too.
One of the cool shops is the National Geographic.
They sell books, globes, sungalsses, adventure stuffs like bags, soft toys. All related to wildlife.

They have a cafe too.

u must try their fish and chips.
The fish si beh smooth and soft and Q.

There is one cafe like this, where you can order drink and relax there.
Some people just sleep on the sofa, how they do that? They don't feel paiseh?

There's a chinese food court, 十号胡同,in Bukit Bintang.
We always pass by but never figure out what place is that, because it's like a basement, u need to walk down.
I thought it's a high class chinese restaurant, my dad thought its a night club =.= because the painting and light feel.
U can lots of stalls when you go down. All cheap and nice foods.
One of the stalls named like that haha
It means many wives.

People mountain people sea

One of my fav, oyster omelet, hardly can see this in Brunei.

there was a long Q just because of this hokkien mee.
Not bad la.

There's lots of choices of foods.
Ready panadol because u will be headache choosing foods.

This china man doesnt have hands, and he write good calligraphy.

he wrote these.
Costs RM30 each

He drew these for 4 hours, RM 60 each.
I was shocked when he said he drew those.
We bought a pair of 对联 from him.

Went to Pavilion too.
The stores inside are all branded like, GUCCI, etc.
A heels can cost hundreds.
At the toppest floor of Pavilion has restaurants of different nations, like Korean foods, Japanese, Chinese, Arab, Brazil, Western etc.
I went to the Shanghai's restaurant in Pavilion last time, they serve you good, nice foods, nice environment, NICE price too!

After that went to Alor-alor to eat durian.
I dislike durian, its been years I don't eat durian, I dislike the feel, like.....soft and...u know~
I ate because to accompany my parents, still, I dislike durian.
Durian cake is ok for me.

The next morning, went to BA SHENG eat bah kut teh.
I was so early, 8.30am, eat bah kut teh?????
But when I eat it, OH! Didn't even care what time is it, because too ho-chiak!

They have some steps because drinking a tea.


After that, went to LCCT to check in.
Had a cappuccino at Chocolate.

Funny thing:
My daddy and bro thought that long hair girl was me,
the short one was my mom.
But actually they are 'someone else' LOL
They were waiting for the wrong people.
Really look alike lo!