Sunday, September 5, 2010

Polite WINS

Yesterday I met weird waiter and waitress during my lunch and dinner time.

Lunch time:
I enter this restaurant. The waitresses greeted HELLO. No other customers and only us, I sat down and the waitresses are doing their own things.
I said: Excuse me
and the waitress replied me like she was not suppose to serve the customer: Yes?
Me in doubt: Menu?
Waitress: Oh ya!

=.= Too little customers that they have forgotten how to serve?

Dinner time at male hostel canteen:

There are 5 of us, planning to eat the catering.
I'm the first one to choose my food, but after the waiter served me, he went back sit down and continue his dinner.
How about my other 4 friends? They don't need to eat? Standing there and waiting but no one serving.

I HELLO and EXCUSE ME the waiter for few times, and pointed my friends.
and he said: Break time ba!

wah, like he told us that they were having a break. He didnt say anything after serving me and went back to eat dinner.
And leave my friends waiting like so po.

Shouldn't they need some training in communication and how to serve customers?

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