Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrate Mooncake festival at somewhere

Yesterday was mooncake festival, and it's the first time I'm not celebrating with my family, instead, I celebrated it with leng zai's family.

Different families celebrate it in different ways.
In my family, we are more to the old-fashion, we 拜 the moon, eat mooncake, and everyone plays lattern.
In his family, they celebrated it in a modern way, have liqour kali eh. HAHA

Today, I go back to Seria and found that Chung Ching was celebrating Mooncake festival.
They had shows, singing and play Guessing.
The weird thing is, they had lion dance too.
Was merry.
Creative latterns made by students are shown.

This year, I have tried lots of new mooncakes that I never eat before.
Like the turkey mooncake, and snowskin fruity cute mooncake, chocolate mooncake, etc.

This week is holiday, but I don't feel like holiday.
UBD has many functions like UBD table tennis open, Pesta Konvo, and Peace 1 day.
I join dance performance in Peace day and table tennis tourney of course. Unfortunately, they are all in a same day!
Assignments somemore~~ I hate doing report.
I feel tired :'(

Tomorrow I'm going to Miri to check my teeth.
I need to check every 2 months to make sure that my teeth is in good condition, still nice and tidy.
But this checking is just one minute, I sometimes think if it is necessary to check like this.
Well well, tomorrow I'll go check my teeth, do facial and shop for my needs.
And I need to RUSH to Bandar for dance practice.

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