Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Short Getaway to KL- GEM 邓紫棋 XXX world tour.

Hello Hello Darlings! Chinese New Year is coming, so 恭喜发大财! My CNY is rather special this year because I'll be travelling to Singapore on CNY Day 1 for few days. 

Few weeks ago, I went for a short getaway to KL, Malaysia, as I got a sponsored ticket from a lucky draw. So it's a good chance for me to stock up my cosmetics and had a meet up for a business discussion. This trip is pretty rush, I have to settle everything in that 3D2N trip, as it's so hard to travel abroad now because....working lifeeeeee. *BOO* 

My shopping was quite rush too. I have to appreciate time and not stay too long at a shop. So there were times that I just hantam grab the no-trying-outfits, and the end of the day I realised I got few clothes which have a similar design =.= 

Since I was in KL, so why not watch the GEM's XXX concert!? Although I'm not a big fan, but she's a talented woman whose concert is worth to watch la. And me no regret, because the show was awesome, the songs were good, the effect was good. But I believe it would be better if it's in another country, like Hong Kong. In Malaysia, the resources are quite limited. 

Happy to see Hannah again. and also some of my classmates and tutors in the make up academy.  But due to the limited time, didn't have too much time to spend with them. 

I got myself a GEM shirt.

 The crowd

 She spoke too much Chinese. She asked if we speak Cantonese, the audience said Yes, then she spoke Canto. After she sang a Chinese song, she spoke Chinese again. Because she was famous in China, and a lot of shows she spoke Chinese, and maybe this caused her habit. 

Cantonese is so much nicer lo. Hong Kong artist wa, should speak Cantonese. 
Anyway, the show was still great. 

The next day, I had breakfast with the two Bruneian guys, at this famous Teo Chew Porridge restaurant. 
Located near Times Square, KL. You can ask around, the people know it well!

The pork was so good. 

It's not my first time dining in porridge restaurant in Malaysia. Actually M'sia has a lot of porridge restaurant which is yummilicious. 
Brunei should have one eh, so good for supper and breakfast.

 Lit How went for a tattoo. Actually, we planned to do it together. I asked my mom if she mind, I don't want to see her cry after I got inked, which gonna make me feel guilty. So she's fine with it. 
What about my dad? I guess he's fine with it, I didn't have the guts to ask him LOL. Why I think he's fine with it because he asked me few years ago if I wanna get inked. I was like "No way! so painful!"

Then recently, I just feel like I wanna get one. Just a small one. So I'll get it only when I'm fully ready. Oh man, this is gonna be permanent, I have to think twice, trice and frice. 

In M'sia must have happy hour right? haha 
This very nice place named Why Not at Changkat. Actually it's like usual bar la, but it looks super nice in this pic.

The Dick is very good in researching places to go, or maybe he's just good in researching hotels, I'm not very sure LOL So we went to visit this creative boutique hotel. It's owned by an artistic couple, they studied arts and created this hotel. I always like creative people, they always make something usual become very interesting. The wall is created by colour cups.

Welcome to WOLO.

The washroom is very cozy, I think I can have a good sleep inside. 

 This is the washroom label. Actually I don't really get it.
The Dick was talking about penis but I guess it could be Foods that goes in, must come out as a poo. 
So what it means?

 The cigar section.

This place is really artistic that made us kept taking pictures here and there. 

 Trying hard to selfie when he said "My turn!" He's obsessed with his new ink.

Sometimes life is too mainstream you just need to be 38 a bit.

 I know some people are gonna comment this, this is my space anyway. 
but....I look chio in that angle ^^ 

The receptionist treated us some WOLO refreshing drinks. He knew we were tired from taking pictures. haha

My fav photo of the trip. 

Watch the vlog of my trip with some GEM scenes:

Till next post. Smooooch! ^^

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy 2015!

*Singing* Rudolph the red nose reindeer...*trying to make the holiday feel*

...Have a very shiny nose~~~ 

Trying to make some holiday feel so you have that mood to read the below haha.

I'm such an irresponsible blogger. So my new year resolution is to be a more responsible blogger ^^ *smile widely*. Writing is not hard, what's troublesome are the pictures editing and resizing. 

Christmas is always my all time favorite celebration. Because receiving gifts are happy, and of course it's awesome to get and send gifts to the loves too. I like buying gifts for individual, it always feel great.

What I don't enjoy that much is getting gifts for gift exchange. Damn, I don't even know who I'm giving to. I have to get something bisexual and for all age. But receiving gifts at gift exchange are always exciting and full of surprises.

My first gift for Arthur. It's a toy of shapes. From my research, it's good for babies. They would feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement when they put the right shape to the right hole. Yes, he likes it very much, I can see from his expression when he received that. :P

My family, although Buddhist, we actually celebrate every year as half of my family is ang moh-ish. We love Xmas and it's a good excuse to have a family gathering and fun.

 I got facial masks.

Our dress code is "FLORAL". I was thinking, what about guys?

Never thought guys can have a nice floral shirt too.
See his beh song face hahah

My big family ready for games!

Best dress of the night voted by the maids, because my grandma had a hard time choosing the Best Dress. She wanted to be fair. hehe

My cousin made these cute props. 

Celebrated at Ivan's house too. 

Got a red wine!

And also celebrated with my colleagues, more like company gathering la. So I had a Christmas marathon in 2014 :)

My gifts this year: Hello Kitty dustbin and floor mat from Carol, I got lots of facial masks this year, and also Instax printer from the Dick!

It's nice in reality. Because it's like a pearly bling bling white. It's a polaroid photo printer connected to your phone through Wifi. So you can print any pics from your phone!

I don't often celebrate New Year Eve but this year, I was able to shake my ass in the musics with my darlings in Miri.

So we went to Rooftop at Meritz Hotel, it was our first time and would be the last time. Still, Celebrities is better. Rooftop doesn't have enough feel like the club, the sound system wasn't as good as CB, the service was slow as the too crowded and the baristas couldn't cope, people were Q-ing and complaining, and the musics were not suitable for us. haha 

The music is electro, I still prefer bands and musics with lyrics. 

After 12am, after the fireworks, we went Celebrities for 2nd round.  

I like my hair that night, and my make up I did it much more heavier than usual but in the pics looks normal. 

Looking like some group artist music cover here, Westlife? hahaha

Met my long lost junior+ my-pretty-friend, May. 

with the en dao *lovey dovey eyes*

with the King Kong. 
(why the name? Because their sur name is King and Kong)

I wish 2015 is better than 2014, I wish my work, my dream, my relationship, my health and ding ding dong dong all go smooth this year and every year in the future. I wish my family and friends and all my darlings (I mean you all la) have a happy 2015 and be healthy, that's the most important. 

Happy New Year and stay tune for my next post SOON :)