Monday, December 22, 2014

Finally met Baby Arthur

I feel so guilty and unbelievable for not updating for a month, how can that happen!? Every time I wanna blog but just too tired to do so (Damn, I'm like saying this in every post, but it's true). It takes me few hours to write a good post, so yea. 

Finally I met this little boy, Arthur, after 9 months. If you don't know, he's Carol's son. He smiles always and is a very cute boy. I don't see toys in their house when I visited them, aiya, this Carol ah, she didn't buy any toys for him. But recently I saw some toys with Arthur through online so I believe his mom had bought him some.

I last seen Carol in March when she was still pregnant. Then one day she fell sick. Brunei doctors couldn't cure her then she went to Kuching. Although I went to her house the day before she went to Kuching, but I didn't see her as she was really unwell. I texted her the day she went to Kuching but for two days she didn't reply and she seemed like didn't even see her phone. Till I saw a post on Facebook which was really shocking and broke my heart. She was in ICU and in coma. She got tonsils but it's way more dangerous than normal patient who got tonsils. It was scary.

Every day I got Carol's situation updated from the sister. It can be a good news today, and bad news the next day. So my mood was like a roller coaster. I felt hopeful for a time, and so upset the next second. Then after that I knew it was an induced coma because she was in a great pain so doctors made her to sleep.

It was great to know Carol finally woke up after, I guess 3-4 weeks. Then she started to go through this treatment to make her recover. She was in pain too :'(. During her painful times, it was my down times too. I wanted to go visit Carol so much but I couldn't really make it. Ok, I guess I can finally reveal a bit. I was kinda hard to go Malaysia this year because I got arrested by the Malaysia Immigration for some stupid reason which really freaks me out which they made it so serious but actually it's not that serious. Then something something made my trips to Malaysia VERY troublesome.

It's was touching to see Carol now who is active and crazy like before. She's very optimistic where her happiness can actually influence others. I believe she recovers not only because she's strong, but also the support she got from the family and friends, especially her husband.

I don't know how many guys now can be supportive till the end like her hubby. It's not an easy task to look after a patient, for a long period some more. I got this thought recently, from what I have experienced and seen, guys (majority) nowadays are so not reliable (no matter financially or loyalty). I feel lucky that Carol has a hubby who can look after her during her hard times.

Saying the marriage vows during the wedding is not for fun. Some people say it because it's like a usual process in a wedding but how many can keep the promise? "I take you to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us apart...." And her hubby said "Marriage is about life time commitment in good times and tough times". 

I wish, I can marry someone who really loves me and I love him too ofcourse, and take care of me, spend the happiness and down times together, for life :D

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Danes Cafe

I've been hearing people talking about this new restaurant in town, Danes Cafe. It's a place of pork! Ok~ not really. That's what I heard, so I thought they have a lot of pork dishes but not really. Their variety in the menu is not that much. I had a hard time deciding what to order since they don't have much choices. 

Not all dishes are in pork, I only remember they have pork burger, other than that, I don't remember if they have any other pork dishes, may be they don't hmmm. 

 I like their interior design. Very cozy, ang moh-ish and Marvel-ious. Do you see the picture of my man on the table, yea, Iron Man's my man!

 Pork Burger with fries. It's definitely delicious with the juicy pork, but a bit pricey for me, costs BND$17 (if not mistaken)

I ordered the grill chicken, it's so-so for me. Not bad, it's not very dry but not juicy. BND$12.

The foods are good, great environment, however a bit pricey for me. If you haven't, you can go and have a try, their pork burger is good yeah!

Location: Batu Bersurat, the blocks beside basketball court. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Month in Photos

Hello darlings! I've been wanting to update this space seriously. Everyday I tell myself "I wanna blog tonight!" but always ended up too tired to do so. I always afraid being late to work as I'm not a morning person, so I try not to make myself too exhausted the night before. 

This month has been busy and productive...kinda. Basically it's because I have a full time office job that makes my schedule quite pack. I can't really do things on the weekday, I have to push everything to weekend. 

I went to KL for airbrush course. It was fun and challenging. It was not as easy as I thought but I managed to do better after some practices. 
If you haven't heard of airbrush make up, it's actually a new technology of makeup using a compressor that improves the appearance or texture of the makeup. It looks very natural and lightweight on the skin. It's so natural that the makeup application can barely seen by eyes. Unless you take a before after pic to really see the difference. 

Went to tried TGIF restaurant. The foods are just okay, the chicken is kinda dry. 
However, the drinks are great. It's very refreshing and my hot chocolate tastes just right. 

Really appreciate it every time he meets me as he stays not very near to my place. 

Then went sing K after that. Sang for more than 5 hrs just us two, I do felt sleepy at the end of the night. But he doesn't seem singing enough lol I miss sing K! Have to find some time to go Miri to have my "craving" fixed.


There's was a charity event for Pusat Ehsan last few weeks. I was impressed these hand crafts work by the people from Pusat Ehsan. It costs $200+. The quality is good, very cultural feel and the most awesome part is that they are Disney characters. 
The characters looks just right, they are not out of shapes. I like Betty Boop the most, so sexy!

Went to My Town on one beautiful Sunday. To my surprise, the environment is quite comfortable tho. Except for the flies which quite annoy me, I hate flies in restaurants!

Crispy Ayam Penyet, it's good with the green chilli. 

Curry fish balls is not bad too. I always see this in Hong Kong movies, it' was my first time trying. 

Mango LOH. I still prefer the snowflakes from Ice Bar.


A pic of me trying to be retro with a little cute mole on my cheek.


This is quite overdue. Haha It was during July when I was about to leave Kuala Lumpur. I don't wanna go Soju Club anymore for my next trip! Too much clubbing at the same place seriously very sien. But thanks to my lovies for making the night great :)


It was Halloween last week! It was a very last minute plan to have a Halloween dinner. 

Too bad Cheezebox is not able to organise a Halloween event anymore due to, I guess, the laws in Brunei. It was really fun back then. A lot of people dressed up and walked around Gadong in costumes taking pictures and have dinner together, the atmosphere was great. 

Spooky deco at Paddington House of Pancakes.

Although I didn't prepare any Halloween costumes, but at least must have a bit Halloween feel on that night. Haha I was a Spiderwoman
I got a free pancake for "dressing up" and a 10% discounts for posting pics on Instagram. 


Visited the Greenhouse somewhere near I-Lotus.  I like to have a walk at this kind of place where there have plants and fruits, green scenery with the nature smell. I'll feel great and healthy.

The best garden I've visited so far is Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The temperature, the environments, the plants, the fresh air and everything are awesome. 

FYI, I've tried the cherry tomato from Pusat Ehsan greenhouse, it's so damn good. I'll try to search for that place one day and get all their cherry tomatoes! WHAHAHAHA~


It was my grandma's birthday. My uncles & aunties were trying to sing birthday song in different dialects and languages. They are always that funny. Can see my grandma is happy to have all her kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren with her. Isn't she still looking so young! Don't have white hair le 开玩笑。


Last Sunday, I-Lotus organized a wedding fair at their ballroom. I actually planned to just visit but in the end I took a booth on the last day (they had 2 days). I didn't know what can I do there at first, that's why I rejected, then I realized they need make up artists to do makeup for the models, so I contributed. 

I thought I was gonna sit at my booth whole day approaching the visitors introducing my services, so I had an idea of helping the lady visitors to curl their hair for free if they want, to fill up my time actually. 
However, it didn't turn out that way, I was super busy doing make up for the models and other people, touching up for them, I have no idea how many ladies I did. My waist was hurt, applause for my high heels. Ladies are 要美不要命 (want pretty, don't want life), am I right? haha

Live makeup and hairdo show. 

My pretty models. Hair done by City Hair Studio, Gowns from Santiago Studio and other studios which I'm not quite sure, opps. 

Aren't they gorgeous!?

With Emmy and pretty photographer, Riley. 

Thanks I-Lotus for the opportunity, I enjoy this event making the ladies beautiful, I did learnt new things from the event too and also from City Hair Studio, it's great to meet new people, it's a great experience and it's a successful event. It's great when the ladies put a smile on their face after I done their makeup. Thank you for the support and also thankyou my friends for dropping by ;) And thanks the Dick for the last minute poster design (although I hate him so much). I love you all~

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Carol and I

Hello darlings. I've not been updating often now because I'm so lucky that I got employed. It's hard to get a job now, so I'm considered lucky compare to some of my friends who waited more than 6 months or a year. I work everyday, Saturday half day, so my free time is night time, Saturday and Sunday. During my free time, I work on my make up job; if I don't, I will drive to Seria to visit my family, so I'm kinda occupied.

I was Google-ing my name "EaHui" to check on some links because I don't wanna type my link at the address box of my office desktop lol *opps* Then I saw on the results, this: CuteRabbit Land: Thank You Eahui :))

You can click to read :) or Just read below with some of my comments. May be you can know me more from here, or know about us.

She wrote about me when she was about to go Singapore to work:

"Rabbit just got home then saw Eahui's tagged her in a post in FB. I clicked then saw one of her entries about me. I cried while reading the post coz so touched and I felt so "she bu de". Eahui ah Eahui why u wana make me cry ah!!! You know how much I wana hug u so tight right now and say thank you for ur cares & loves. 
Some of you might wonder whose Eahui. Well please visit her blogspot then you will know whose this wonderful sweet lady.
Eahui, your right!! Things come too fast and we could never predict whats gona happen next. Be presence & treasure everyone around us. Theres few appreciation that I wana tell u here :)

(1) Thanks for willing to be my friend during  our first met up in LANEIGE anni even tho u thought Im kinda weird especially with my outfit :p (I was thinking she goes to washroom A LOT)
(2) Thanks for visiting BT booth in Consumer Fair last year for TWICE :p 
(3) Thanks for dropping by BT everytime when  ur free especially when I was working full time there. I was so bored back then and glad that u willing to come and talk to me. (I made effort to be friend with her because she's a crazy girl at night and a good hearted girl at day time [she does charity] I don't have much real girl friends too)
(4) Thanks for willing to answer my call especially when i had all the crazy ideas ( coz so bored :p) (even till now when she has a kid, she still have ideas on doing new videos!)
(5) Thanks for listening to all my complains and my sad stories :p You never miss a single call of mine. (kns I cannot stand it when she cries in front of me, when cries si beh kasian one, I will cry together even when I don't understand what was she talking about)
(6) Thanks for introducing your idol to me. haha never knew RA is ur idol :p (I was like "I tell you this is my idol. He's the most famous social media in Brunei. You can ask him to advertise BT [her shop] for you)
(7) Thanks for being so "party" & so energetic whenever I need a super duper active friend for company :p 
(8) Thanks for helping me in "job hunting" when I first wanted to leave Brunei. (I just don't wanna let her leave)
(9) Thanks for sharing me your stories, your feelings, ur up ur down ur almost everything except ur naked body :p ("don't peak ah!" that's what I say everytime)
(10) Thanks for wana suck my **** (she meant nipple, I want to know the feeling of sucking a lady's nip lol) even tho I will never ever let u to do so . hahaha Im glad u didnt take picture of me changing infront of u LOL 
(11) Thanks for making me feel home in Brunei. Your one of the reason why I love Brunei so much. I will definitely come back & dun forget our Zoukout Date end of year. lets get crazy!!!! AGAIN!!!
(12) Thanks for listening to my sharing especially about  CV hehehehe 
(13) Thanks for sleeping over my place always. Eahui is such a good gal that she made my bed everytime she left. 
(14) Thanks for lunching and dining w me everytime I wanted to. 
(15) Thanks for taking so much of my dumb pictures :p of coz nice pics :p 
(16) Thanks for listening to my dumb singing in my room . I know u must be really bored . U know what, I really enjoying the moment u lied on bed playing w ur phone while I did my own things. So quiet and nice. I really love it...(macam couple lol)
(17) Thanks for helping me to pack with my stuff. I know you werent happy when I wanted to throw most of my toys :p (she wanted to leave her some of her great stuffs, I was like WHY!? and I packed it up for her haha)
(18) Thanks for sleeping over for my last nite even tho we had to sleep on quilt. "

Arh~~ those good times. Guess you guys never thought that actually I thought I was gonna lose this friend, not when we was sick, it was way before that. I guess there was some misunderstandings which I had no idea why was she so mad at me, I was blur. I didn't fight with her, I didn't annoyed her because I still put hope to one day she might want to come back to me (wahseh hahah), I don't want us to be awkward later. I don't remember how and when she talked to me again, but we are good now ^^ Yea, there was misunderstanding. 

I was glad that the bad moment between us last for a while and I'm still able to listen and share our life when we were apart (she was in SG, I was in Bru). Thanks god she's strong enough to escape from the death door, she's healthy and happy now with her family and baby boy! Good karma this is. Great to have you in my life you this crazy vegetarian chaboh.

We ate 5 bowls of rice! 想當年. Thanks Tiger Lim for the video.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

There's no such thing as free lunch

Living on this earth for 24 years and the frequent advice from my dad, I learnt since young that, there's no such thing as free lunch!

When someone told me that how easy it is to make money from XXX ways, I'll always ask "So what do I need to do?" as I know there's no free lunch. For eg, you can make money without investing any capital. But what you need to do is you got to have a wide social network, push yourself to sell our products, approach hundreds of people and explain how does the product work. And out of that 10 people, may be only 2 are successful or worse, none.

 A lot of people think service provider like me, makeup artist, artist, photographer, manicurist, designer, etc sells skill instead of product, so it's OK to ask for free. However, sorry to say, it's NOT OK at all.

I'll take myself (make up artist) as an example.

I spent more than RM20K to attend makeup courses, to get tools like brushes, cosmetic products, airbrush kit, etc, you know that cosmetics ain't cheap thing. So why should we provide a free service for you? Just because you think we sell skill only, and you are our friends, so you think it's alright for us to provide you a free service.

I think a supportive friend would not ask for a free service just like that. It's annoying to hear "Yay, I have a makeup artist friend, so I can have free makeup (service)." Even my family pay me for the service. You can ask for a discount, but NOT free. Unless, I am the one who want to makeup free for you. You know, the more you want it, the more I'm not willing to give. I go your shop take free things OK or not?

Another thing, I feel annoyed when people always ask for benefits from me, but they are not willing to help me when I need them. Then they complain when they see I treat other people better. It's like you are happy when I give you one candy. When you see me give another person 2 candies, you feel mad. But do you know that, that person gave me 2 candies before and you gave me none.

I earn a living from doing makeup, I need to pay my bills, and you ask for free makeup, you don't feel paiseh meh? I do sponsorship, because we have a win-win situation or because the organizer assisted me before.

I would love to do your makeup for free, but the makeup products are not free, educating myself is not free, my time is not free either. Thank you for understanding :)

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Rooms for Rent

 Hello darlings, I have rooms for rent. For more inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gohan Shabu-Shabu

It's great to see new restaurants opening in Brunei recently, and it means more options for dining! I went for food tasting last week at Gohan Shabu-Shabu which they are opening this Friday

Location: Kiarong, same building as Gohan Sushi. The building next to Baiduri Bank. At M floor.
Contact: 242 8100

 They have my fav cockles too! Who are the seafood lovers here!?

 Different types of noodles to choose from.

The handsome boys trying out the sauces.

My Mango Smoothie.

 They have soups that you don't see at other shabu restaurants like Kalbijim soupEbi Chilli soup and creamy mushroom soup
Kalbijim is kimchi base and a bit spicy;
Ebi Chilli is sweet and a little spicy, not very spicy, just good!
If you like your soup light like me, you can have vegetable soup. 
A bit ang moh feel, you can have mushroom soup.
And few other soups to choose from. 

Happy meal. 

Go and have a try! They have Japanese cuisine at the 1st floor too :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cellglo Deep Cleansing Bar

Previously, I talked about the Cellglo Creme 21 which has various benefits, click to read more.

They have another product, Deep Cleansing Bar, which is a soap.

The size is quite big. It can be cut into half or 4 pieces and can be used for the whole family. 

It can be used for:
1. Cleansing face.
2. Body wash
3. Pubic region.
4. Suitable for new born (baby).
5. Sensitive skin.
6. Acne skin.
7. Scars
8. Eczema 湿疹

Effects of the cleansing bar:
1. Oily skin - Managed

2. Dry skin - Moisturize

3. Sensitive skin - Protected

4. Dull skin - Brightened

5. Pimples - Diminished

6. Irritation - Prevented

7. Whiteheads - Reduced

8. Blackheads - Cleared

9. Dark spot - Whitened

10. Skin pores - Unclogged 

11. Dead cells - Removed

12. Tight feeling - Avoided (I think it's non, totally no tight feeling)

13. Skin tone -Balanced

 Functions of the ingredients

Lighten and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Pamper your skin to reveal a truly supple, healthy, radiant and translucent glow with the latest whitening technology from France & Switzerland. The Cellglo Deep Cleansing Bar is 100% safe and handmade from natural ingredients, each being hand selected to nourish, replenish and rejuvenate your precious skin, without ever causing any negative reactions. 

This cleansing bar is brilliant for people who have eczema or sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate your skin

What make Deep Cleansing Bar so different from others? 
1. Scents free.
2. Preservative free.
3. Dyes free
4. GMO free
5. No artificial colours
6. Detergents free. 
7. Animals contain free.

I'm currently using it to cleanse face and for my body as my back has a bit scar. The skin feels smooth after washing and scar does lighten a bit already! The size of the bar is quite big so it can last for a long time. Some natural handmade bar which is scent free smells awful, but this doesn't. The bubbles are fine which it easily unclog pores. 

This combination can give better effect. But it's alright to only use either one, it still works too. Just using both give better effect. 

Sometimes they appear in health paper too! The products are all satisfaction guarantee. 

Do no hesitate to send inquiries if you have any.  Contact me if you would like to know more or to have a try on this product. 
# / Whatsapp/ wechat : +673 867 0030
Facebook page:

Give this a try, it works on me, it may help you, why not? :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paddington House of Pancakes

Hello darlings!

It's been a while since I posted food photos. It's great to see there are new cafes and restaurants in Brunei, and also drive through Starbucks too! 

Anyway, I went to Paddington that day. It was my second time there. They have variety choices of foods, they come in large portion and always delicious!

 Love their large sized fries. Hard to find in Brunei I guess.

 OH! This is best! I forgot what's the name of this dish, may be you can show them this picture if you wanna order.
It's filled with prawns, mushrooms, cheese etc. It's my liking because I love mushroom and seafood. Very filling 

The bacon crepe. Aiya, I forgot the real name of the dish, paiseh. Not bad too but I prefer the dish on top.

It's a nice and cozy place to dine in. Can have a try :)