Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paddington House of Pancakes

Hello darlings!

It's been a while since I posted food photos. It's great to see there are new cafes and restaurants in Brunei, and also drive through Starbucks too! 

Anyway, I went to Paddington that day. It was my second time there. They have variety choices of foods, they come in large portion and always delicious!

 Love their large sized fries. Hard to find in Brunei I guess.

 OH! This is best! I forgot what's the name of this dish, may be you can show them this picture if you wanna order.
It's filled with prawns, mushrooms, cheese etc. It's my liking because I love mushroom and seafood. Very filling 

The bacon crepe. Aiya, I forgot the real name of the dish, paiseh. Not bad too but I prefer the dish on top.

It's a nice and cozy place to dine in. Can have a try :)

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