Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FAQs: Braces and Invisalign

Hello darlings! I feel like a Ms. Braces because there are a lot inquiries ever since I posted this last year. So I'll write a clearer review about my experience on getting a braces. I had my braces removed in 2009, which is quite a long time ago, I will try to recall everything.

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Let's begin with braces.

1. Where do you do your braces?
Miri. Dr. Aziz +6085 427 263.
Location: Lot 442, 1st Floor, Jalan Bendahara. Near Mega hotel, near traffic light, green building. 

2. The process.
First, call and make appointment with them instead of going there straight because the doctor's schedule could be full, in the end, you still need to make an appointment. 

2nd, tell them you wanna do braces. They will schedule you for x-ray and have your tooth pull out (if necessary). Then they will start installing the braces for you which are all on the SAME day

3rd, you need to go to Dr Aziz every month to adjust your teeth regularly till your braces are fit to remove. 

Lastly, you need to go there for regular check up every month, and then every 3 month, and every 6 month to make sure your teeth is well maintained (This check-up is free, I guess for life? Because I don't go back anymore for the check-up)

3. Is it pain?
No at all. The doctor is good. I didn't feel any pain having my teeth pull out when I'm a person who cry when I have injection. The braces is not painful either.

But you will feel a bit tight for 2-3 days. You only can eat soft foods like porridge for that few days. 

4. For how long do I need to wear the braces?
I had mine 1.5 to 2 years. Longer if yours are serious. But average 2 years.

5. How much does it cost?
For lower and upper teeth, braces costs around RM3k-4k. 

6. How to pay?
You can pay by installment. Firstly, you need to pay certain amount which I forgot how much, could be few hundreds or a thousand. After that by installment which is around RM100-300 every month. 

7. How much does it cost in Brunei government hospital?
It's free and you need to Q.

8. How much does it cost in Brunei private clinics?
Brunei private clinics are not allowed to do braces. You only can do it either at Government hospital or JPMC.

9. How much does it cost at JPMC?
Around BND3k. 

After my braces are removed, I was given a metal retainer and invisalign to maintain the shape. You can use either one. Retainer is adjustable while invisalign has a fix shape

10. Do I need to wear retainer/invisalign everyday?
Yes, I guess you need to wear it for life. The teeth somehow would go a bit out of shape if you don't wear it. When I wear it after two days of not wearing it, I feel my teeth is a bit tight.

From what I read in articles, invisalign can adjust your teeth. However, Dr. Aziz and my dentist at JPMC told me otherwise. Invisalign can't adjust your teeth, but a metal retainer can. I'm not sure is it because they don't have this technology yet or we have misunderstood from the adverts but this is what two dentists told me.

So, regarding Invisalign:

11. What's invisalign for?
To maintain your teeth shape.

12. Can my teeth be adjusted just by wearing invisalign?

13. How much does it cost in Miri?
RM400 each. A total of RM800 if you do upper and lower teeth. 
If you do braces, the cost of invisalign and retainer will be included in the package of RM3k-4k. 

14. How much does it cost in JPMC?
around BND 150-250 each. 


15. Should I do braces?
When you start to think about this, then I guess you should. You will look better with tidy teeth :)

16. I'm not young like a teenager anymore, should I still do?
Just do it la.

17. Will I look ugly?
No, you won't. You will look even great after the braces are removed. You will smile confidently :)

Hope this helps. xoxo


Anonymous said...

The reason why there's discrepancies from what you read from articles and what the 2 dentists told you is because:
1. Invisalign do shift your teeth. It's a clear plastic that serves as an alternative for metal braces.
2. The one that Dr. Aziz provided you is a plastic retainer which maintain your teeth shape.

They are different, probably that's why you're confused.
hope it helps :)

nobody knows Who said...

i wanted to get my braces done at miri, but do i have to be on the waiting list?

EaHui said...

Nope , you don need to wait.

nobody knows Who said...

a few of my friends suggested me to go to Bright smile for braces, which one do you prefer? 😖

EaHui said...

i only went to Dr aziz. For me, Dr Aziz is good.

Mohd.Nurajiman Haji Mohd.Riduan said...

Hi. Nice blog. Really helps!! Im getting mine this month. Do you know Dr Aziz's phone number? I have been trying to contact the Dental but no one answered my call.. (I got the Dental's phone number from google) im scared if they change their number..

Tq. Im looking forward for your positive feedbacks.

EaHui said...

Hi i only know the number above

Anonymous said...

Can I just wear a retainer?

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the dental in miri?

Anonymous said...

Do i have to go back to miri every month for the check up ?

Anonymous said...

I'm currently on Invisalign treatment and it was not used to maintain the shape of your teeth but to straighten your teeth, it's an alternative to metal braces. They are custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. They gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. You just pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete.

Anonymous said...

Xray, pullout and braces on the same day?? Das good