Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week in Photos

Bought this sandals in KL. Shops there are selling this kind everywhere. I actually had my eye on another green perfect pair that has that kind of Indian design but it doesn't have my size :( After that I saw lots of other pairs with other colors but I still like a green one.

Smiley faces under the sandals.

Went to Charcoal last Saturday and it was like the BEST dinner ever. Probably was too hungry. 
The corn shop with chips is yummy. 
Peach Mango drink is refreshing.
That mint lamb chop sluuurp.

My medium steak with roasted potato with cheese. 
(bad idea to type this now - 10.06pm)

Chilling alone at Au Lait while waiting for my dad doing his massage.
Damn it I read this month's CLEO a lil bit too late that I realised inside include few Sephora vouchers. Could have spent it when I was in KL. 

This bun is super high and big that it looks like a monument. A stranger asked how did I tie my hair. Not that bad looking huh since someone is interested in it. 

Watch this cool stuff:

How I wish I have the guts to play these trills. The times I dare to play are when I'm mad or too sad. 

Oh ya, went to Consumer Fair at Bridex too. The fair is more or less the same thing everytime. Hope there's something new in the next fair. All I bought were foods including the green chilli Indomee which has been on the social medias recently. After that I saw Huaho is selling it too =.=" Then it's not special anymore. The all-time-favorite moment was food testing :P Just one round, you're able to try snacks, noodle, drinks, desserts, etc and a lil bit of those is enough for an empty stomach. hehe I do buy them if I like it. 

That's my week and hope u all have a nice week too. See ya!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Live. Don't Just Exist

Live life to the fullest! I'm 23 and time flies. A blink of eye, I'll be in my 30s and married (maybe). I fear of regrets, so when I want to do something, I'll do it (especially when I'm in my 20s, young and still energetic). Just like my dream of being a professional make-up artist, I don't even want to waste any time, so I'm attending the classes right after I graduate in September. But sometimes I'm in rush in doing something, somehow turns out bad due to lack of preparation. But we learn from mistakes right right right? So just do it like there's no tomorrow!

Appreciate. I always feel thankful to those who are nice to me, help me, accompany me when I'm down, laugh together when we are happy, etc. These little things I really appreciate and feel awesome to have these people and U to be part of my life. I don't know if some of my friends realise, but I sometimes tell them that I feel lucky to have them. Just have to tell my feelings to them! I thank YOU for reading my blog, so it's alive and not dead >< Sometimes people tell me they read my blog, I'll feel a bit paiseh and a bit 暗爽 (an shuang/happy secretly) too. Then I'll start reading back my blog to see if I write anything embarrassing. If you love someone, tell him/her/them before it's too late. I LOVE YOU *smooch smooch smooch* 

I'm a person who mind a lot of how people think of me. People would say "Be yourself!" But when I'm wearing pretty, it would be because I want people think I'm pretty. So when people think I'm wearing weird, then I may probably just change my style. But it depends. I still insist in my own way most of the time. In a bad way, stubborn? lol I have my own style ok! People were talking about how ridiculous I dyed that hair color, but I don't really care as there are people who think it's nice *wink*. And I'm a fan of hair dye, I like to dye my hair multiple colors, I want to try all colours before I die! I'm so excited that I'm going to dye my hair soon, it's gonna be Irish Summer (I just discussed it with my hair stylist this morning). Any idea what kind of colour is that? Will show you when I got it done. I always afraid the colour turns out shitty and not what I want, but sometimes it's hard to control the colour I guess.

Post is getting longer and you're yawning? oppps....So Live your life to the fullest because YOLO! It will be really awesome if I can be positive everyday, happy everyday, forgive and forget, etc. I'm still learning. We learn to improve ^^

That's it for today and I like that picture above. Happy weekend gorgeous!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Trip

After Genting, then we went to KL. Just saw the latest news in Genting that there's a serious bus accident which went down the slope. Lots of ambulances and bomba are there to rescue, it looks really serious from the picture and I believe there are passengers who don't use seat belt in bus. Hope everything will be OK. And this made me fear of using bus to Genting. Was thinking if one day I may go Genting to watch concert, Ima use the bus because it's cheap. Errrr....think rather spend more on taxi better. 

Back to my KL trip....
Very good looking Turkish ice cream man.

My brother wanted to visit the Twin Tower.

If not mistaken, I had this Korean cuisine at the food court in KLCC. Beside Jap foods, I love Korean too. 

Bim bim bap, one of my fav. 

I stayed at Park Royal Hotel. Nearby has lots of shopping centres like Pavilion, Times Square, Sungei Wang, etc. You even can walk to Twin Tower/KLCC, pretty near. 

Went to Super Heros Shop.

The shirts are around RM200-400 :O

The movie costume as worn by Brandon Routh.

The Sephora cube. Wanted to enter so much but I know I won't be buying anything as I'm joining the make-up school soon.

My brother has a thing on cups and bottles. We were in the plane, he was holding his orange juice cup and said like a boss "I'm gonna bring back this cup, I like it." And there were few other times that he said he wanna bring back this and that cup. 
 And now he's getting this bottle because it looks like a beaker.

Dinner at Alor-Alor. This was 10pm and still crowded. 

One of my fav food, Oyster Omelette. If I see this and I don't order, I must be sick!

Chilli crab.

Frog (田鸡). My first time trying this. Tastes like chicken. 

Lots of other booths too.

Ate durian. I don't like durian! So don't ever buy me durian thinking I like it. I was just accompanying my dad. 

十号胡同is another food paradise. It's a basement and they have lots of food stalls.

Camera is not allowed. I took this and security came and stopped me.

This is a Taiwanese restaurant. 

Nice ambiance and nice sofa they have. Lil people maybe because I went there at 5pm.


Oyster Omelette again! Eating so much oyster omelette and this is the best I've ever tried! This is the real oyster omelette.
They use purely egg and no flour. They use that sweet sauce which only can be found in Taiwan. Restaurants here use too much flour for the omelette and they don't use that kind of sauce. Recommended!

This sweet potato balls are awesooooome. The texture and taste are just right. Never tried such good balls before haha

Steam Chicken set meal.

BBQ chicken set meal.

Steamed fish set meal. I like to eat set meal because they normally come with soup, vege and dessert or appetizer. 

In a mini Ferris wheel. I was talking hehe

Didn't take much photos as we walk, eat and shop most of the time. Didn't buy much stuffs too, the first time I go travel with that amount in my luggage and back with almost the same size.

The point of this trip was to visit my make-up school and accommodation, and settle some of the stuffs. I actually felt a bit moody after the visit. First when I visit the school, I saw lots of girls in a classroom doing make-up then I started to think whether I'm able to make friends there or being lonely.

Secondly, I visited the accommodation. It's a small room with a very old bed and dirty tilam, a table, a chair and a small cabinet. With fan, the room is a lil bit dirty, dark kitchen, shared washrooms. It's worse than UBD hostel I can say. Costs RM400 includes water and electricity. Very cheap, that's why. But I am still getting that room because I don't think I can find another cheaper room. 

What makes me scared is the dark kitchen. I'm a person who can't keep dining outside. Then I realised the housemates there don't really cook, so they don't have much cooking tools. If they have, maybe they keep in their room. The fridge is full, a bit dirty and messy.

The next thing I thought was how am I going to have drinking water. If I cook, I may need to get a kettle or pan for boiling water. In this short while, I suddenly think that I don't know how to live in that situation because I cannot buy too much stuff as I'm coming back to Brunei after 8 months. I worried about the foods and drink in these 8 months D: After all this panic, I thought of maybe asking my housemate on how they normally deal with these things.

This is the first time going to another country to live, without any friends there. If really unlucky, if the girls dislike me then I'm gonna be lonely x.x But I think should be okay and I'm gonna enjoy learning make up there as it's my dream anyway. 8 months is fast, just a blink of eye then I will be graduating as a professional make-up artist. Wahseh, think so far already. 

Anyway, I will be leaving in October >< Super nervous. And will be back to attend my sister's wedding in December, excited! 

A combination of few lil videos in KL, enjoy watching :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Genting Highland Trip


If you have Royal Skies I forgot which grade, you can go to the priority section to check in. This is to skip the long Q, and priority baggage are to be released first. 

Foods at Airport restaurant are quite expensive ho.

I like in-flight meal! 

We went straight to Genting after we reached KL. Enjoying the cool mountain air~~~
Wasn't that cold that day. Was cold the next day because it was raining.

Eat first after the long journey.

Duck kolo mee RM16.50 *bloooody hell* Si beh high class this kolo mee.

Cha Siew Kolo Mee

How the whole Genting looks like.

We visited this area that shows the development of Genting. And that's the founder of Genting, a successful businessman, my idol. How could he made all this happen, the whole Genting, steady. 

The amusement park. Gonna close in September and resume not sure when. Wonder how the new amusement park gonna looks like. 

My room.

We Q-ing for dinner.

I didn't have appetite for these, urgh.

Full house.

Sauteed Hong Kong Kailan with minced meat.

Lampang fish. This one best! 3 adults, one kid, we finished it all. 

Crispy prawn salad with mix fruits in milk and butter

We spent quite a lot in arcade. My little brother ba....
Each card costs at least RM20. We spent more than RM100 =.=

Lots of games.

My mom and I played this! Scary rate: 9/10. It's 4D, that's mean the screen is 3D and you can feel the wind and movements. 

Super nervous when I played this as ghosts love to appear suddenly. 

Fruits chocolate fountain

And we ended the Genting trip with dim sum before heading to KL city.

It's been 10 years I last went to Genting, and it doesn't change much. The amusement park is still the same but the good news is they are going to renovate it. I forgot for how long, but I know it takes a long time to have the new one finish renovate.

Nothing much to shop but there's a lot of entertainment like the casino, arcade for kids, performances and shows, bar, clubs, etc. 

What I see 10 years ago is kinda different compared to now. Before, I see lots of couples holding hands, hugging and I said to myself "I wanna travel and patto with my boyfie too in the future." Then I saw lots of ladies wearing sexy and I wanted to be like them. But now, I have grown up. Whatever I see is not that amazing anymore because I can do all those stuff now, I can go to casino, bars, etc. Even entering a condom shop with my family has became something legal. 

There's more picture in KL. Gonna post it next. tata~