Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week in photos

Another usual week....

Went to KL for crab cravings. 

I drive my mom to Bandar quite often these days, and brought her to restaurants she never been before. This is Lao Di Fang. These foods are quite salty, hmm...

Mom isn't at home these days, so I look after the home, cook and be my brother's driver. Lil brother can bring laughter to the home, but make us cannot enjoy life sometimes =.=

First time seeing a moving starfish. Then I bought it, ok, not really I bought it. But someone bought it and I can see it anytime. It's name is Patrick! :D 
But it looks like it's gonna diiiieeeee :'( I think it just not getting used to the environment and I hope it will get used to it soon.

Sometimes....I like my eyelids :)

I'm glad that I'm able to sleep earlier these days like 2am, instead of 5am. Ever since I have serious insomnia, my skin got so dehydrated no matter how much moisturizer or mask I use. FYI, sleeping late cause dehydration. :'(

Nothing much, that's all for today. xoxo

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