Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Genting Highland Trip


If you have Royal Skies I forgot which grade, you can go to the priority section to check in. This is to skip the long Q, and priority baggage are to be released first. 

Foods at Airport restaurant are quite expensive ho.

I like in-flight meal! 

We went straight to Genting after we reached KL. Enjoying the cool mountain air~~~
Wasn't that cold that day. Was cold the next day because it was raining.

Eat first after the long journey.

Duck kolo mee RM16.50 *bloooody hell* Si beh high class this kolo mee.

Cha Siew Kolo Mee

How the whole Genting looks like.

We visited this area that shows the development of Genting. And that's the founder of Genting, a successful businessman, my idol. How could he made all this happen, the whole Genting, steady. 

The amusement park. Gonna close in September and resume not sure when. Wonder how the new amusement park gonna looks like. 

My room.

We Q-ing for dinner.

I didn't have appetite for these, urgh.

Full house.

Sauteed Hong Kong Kailan with minced meat.

Lampang fish. This one best! 3 adults, one kid, we finished it all. 

Crispy prawn salad with mix fruits in milk and butter

We spent quite a lot in arcade. My little brother ba....
Each card costs at least RM20. We spent more than RM100 =.=

Lots of games.

My mom and I played this! Scary rate: 9/10. It's 4D, that's mean the screen is 3D and you can feel the wind and movements. 

Super nervous when I played this as ghosts love to appear suddenly. 

Fruits chocolate fountain

And we ended the Genting trip with dim sum before heading to KL city.

It's been 10 years I last went to Genting, and it doesn't change much. The amusement park is still the same but the good news is they are going to renovate it. I forgot for how long, but I know it takes a long time to have the new one finish renovate.

Nothing much to shop but there's a lot of entertainment like the casino, arcade for kids, performances and shows, bar, clubs, etc. 

What I see 10 years ago is kinda different compared to now. Before, I see lots of couples holding hands, hugging and I said to myself "I wanna travel and patto with my boyfie too in the future." Then I saw lots of ladies wearing sexy and I wanted to be like them. But now, I have grown up. Whatever I see is not that amazing anymore because I can do all those stuff now, I can go to casino, bars, etc. Even entering a condom shop with my family has became something legal. 

There's more picture in KL. Gonna post it next. tata~

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