Saturday, August 24, 2013

Live. Don't Just Exist

Live life to the fullest! I'm 23 and time flies. A blink of eye, I'll be in my 30s and married (maybe). I fear of regrets, so when I want to do something, I'll do it (especially when I'm in my 20s, young and still energetic). Just like my dream of being a professional make-up artist, I don't even want to waste any time, so I'm attending the classes right after I graduate in September. But sometimes I'm in rush in doing something, somehow turns out bad due to lack of preparation. But we learn from mistakes right right right? So just do it like there's no tomorrow!

Appreciate. I always feel thankful to those who are nice to me, help me, accompany me when I'm down, laugh together when we are happy, etc. These little things I really appreciate and feel awesome to have these people and U to be part of my life. I don't know if some of my friends realise, but I sometimes tell them that I feel lucky to have them. Just have to tell my feelings to them! I thank YOU for reading my blog, so it's alive and not dead >< Sometimes people tell me they read my blog, I'll feel a bit paiseh and a bit 暗爽 (an shuang/happy secretly) too. Then I'll start reading back my blog to see if I write anything embarrassing. If you love someone, tell him/her/them before it's too late. I LOVE YOU *smooch smooch smooch* 

I'm a person who mind a lot of how people think of me. People would say "Be yourself!" But when I'm wearing pretty, it would be because I want people think I'm pretty. So when people think I'm wearing weird, then I may probably just change my style. But it depends. I still insist in my own way most of the time. In a bad way, stubborn? lol I have my own style ok! People were talking about how ridiculous I dyed that hair color, but I don't really care as there are people who think it's nice *wink*. And I'm a fan of hair dye, I like to dye my hair multiple colors, I want to try all colours before I die! I'm so excited that I'm going to dye my hair soon, it's gonna be Irish Summer (I just discussed it with my hair stylist this morning). Any idea what kind of colour is that? Will show you when I got it done. I always afraid the colour turns out shitty and not what I want, but sometimes it's hard to control the colour I guess.

Post is getting longer and you're yawning? oppps....So Live your life to the fullest because YOLO! It will be really awesome if I can be positive everyday, happy everyday, forgive and forget, etc. I'm still learning. We learn to improve ^^

That's it for today and I like that picture above. Happy weekend gorgeous!

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