Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rainy Beach Day

It was supposed to be classmate reunion during the Raya, 9 clicked "attend" to the event, but only 4 (including me) classmates turned up in the end. Didn't cancel because my another group of friends decided to go Lumut beach too, since it was a holiday. I dislike when someone says he/she only goes if xxxx is going. We are classmates/childhood friends, do we need that? Do we? DO WE!?

Anyway, the holiday wasn't boring as another group of friends came. We picnic, beach-ing and chilled at my place after that.

Some people asked how Gerald and I met. We first met at the beach, we didn't talk. We talked the 2nd time we met when he followed a friend to chill at my place. Then found that he's good to chat with, his style kinda similar to Eldy that they agree in everything you say lol even though they may not agree personally. 
Fate sometimes is just amazing. He was a Eldy's friend's friend. Then Eldy and Gerald kinda clicked and they chat like brothers already. Eldy invited him to my house to chill, then Gerald and I became bro too. Then now slowly I think Ling and him will be bro too lol

This round is draw ok!!!

and BBQ at night. 

Just got back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Was the most exhausting trip ever! Because I was tired all the time so I didn't shop much, but ate much. Will talk more about the trip in the next post. Tata....

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