Friday, June 29, 2012

Sales in Brunei

I'm sure this week the Bruneians must be spending lots of money. How attractive is the promotion at Face Shop having up to 60% discounts and lucky draws; how attractive are the sales at Consumer Fair!

So that's the strategy, having all these events at the end of the month when everyone's getting their salary.

I'm one of the victim too :D
The 60% discounts products are not what I need :(
So I had 25% discounts on everything I bought because I'm a member.

I'm exited everytime I see her, I'll talk a lot.
Even in front of Carol I'm a cool person, but when I see this woman I just feel like I want to "suan" her.
Because her face saying "Please bully me!" lol

Eldy was holding my si-lai recycle bag containing my mee goreng for my dinner. 

Was taking few pics at that time because they were buying their phone accessories for so long!

Tonight I'm going to Consumer Fair, looking forward to it hoping it's not gonna be disappointing. Gonna eat the food testing at every food booths for my dinner lol kidding. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Dumpling & the Queen's Birthday

It was the queen's birthday last Friday. Had dinner at Kaizen :)

The bookmark-card I made for her. It may not look nice from here, but by touching it, that quality really makes the card doesn't look like it's handmade *proud*
Sigh, why am I so creative?

It was the Chinese dumpling festival last Saturday. People around the world were making the eggs stand in the noon, but why I cannot make it stand!!??

So there are people who still keeping the culture, that is going to the beach on that day to throw dumpling into the sea
It has a myth behind this act if you don't know. Let me summarize it.
There was a man who fell into the sea which I forgot why. Then the people started to throw dumpling into the sea to let the fishes eat so they won't eat the man. 
You can go search for the whole story if you are interested. 
So we are still throwing the dumplings to the sea to let the sharks eat, so I believe the man is still alive :D

Seriously, I think those people who throw the dumplings don't have any idea why they are doing that, or even think what does it help for throwing foods into the sea.
It's kind of pollution of course. 
But it's a culture anyway, it's fun like a must-do for a Chinese lol


Beside throwing dumplings into the sea, it's a time for gatherings, watch sunset together with friends or family,  bring the kids to have fun and bring the dogs to have a walk. 

The chef frying the prawn for dinner. 

Let's end with this beautiful pink view :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mochi Contest

Wow wow technology now, you don't even need to spend money to organise a contest, a Facebook is enough, for free!

I have joined few contests on FB.
1. Being creative with apples organised by Apple Hotel at Kuala Lumpur. I google searched my fav apple photo and submitted. Almost got sued because all the contestants were too creative I thought they also google search their photos! I read the terms and conditions a lot of times and confirmed there was no mention we must use our own photo and no plagiarism. 

2. Musical broadway organised by Laneige. I dressed as Burlesque. 

3. and should have few more contests that I joined but I don't remember. 

I don't really support this kind of contest, and I feel annoying of myself asking people to vote me like I'm so thick face =.="
I am very sure of this, contests in FB, if you just create an album and ask you members or fans to vote the contestants, I don't think much people will give a damn about it.
If the contestants share their photo on their FB saying "Friends, please vote me." not much friends will care too!
Then contestants need to do hard work to ask their friends one by one to vote them. It works because I do that too lol but I only ask my close friends, THAT'S WHY until now when other contestants have 200+ 300+ Likes and I just have 80+ Likes only. x.x

There's contestant who even commented other contestant's photo to ask for votes. Then the contestant was not very happy and asked that contestant to delete the comment lol and that contestant argued "U also commented mine!" lol too much jokes there.

You will ask, why I don't support but I still join? Because my friend ask me to join lol yea, that's the main reason actually.
And I wanna try my luck to win an iPad, but I'm not doing hard work to ask friends to vote me!!! :(
Confirm I cannot go Top 10 to let the organisor to put outside their shop and ask customers to vote. The chance of winning that iPad is so small.

So if u guys support me, please click HERE to vote me. 

Thank you I love you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My week in photos

I joined the Tasek Run last saturday...just kidding~
I was there hiking and saw this run going on. Was about to finish our hike, we saw the finish line and Milo car in front us. 
Milo car was our fav when we were kids, u too right?

Had tea at Hot point.
Orange juice's my fav juice.

How did you celebrate father's day?
I made a card for my dad.

My grandma's dumpling is so famous and delicious, how can I not learn from her. Even a reporter wanted to interview her, but she's being low profile and rejected the interview.
I was busy making dumpling with her these two days. 
Sunday I made Red bean dumpling (photo above) (kan sui zhong);
Monday I made pork dumpling (ba zhang). 
Even my friends said "I don't want to pangsai anymore" because they want to keep the dumpling inside their stomach. Yea, that delicious ^^

I was waiting for my RD for so long =.=" I just got it when I went back home last weekend.

Why my cousin so cute!?
Look at that tummy...awww~

Had not seen minna for 3 years! Finally she's back to Brunei and met her. 
Nothing change, but her ang moh slang!

Outfit on Sunday night. 

I almost forgot I'm joining the mochi contest till I saw a post on my FB. 
Don't be lazy, Click here and like my photo. 
Thanks for the support and I want that iPad :) LOL

Friday, June 15, 2012

I appreciate you

Carol sent this to me this morning showing appreciation. It's so lucky that we still in contact when we are thousand miles away. Some besties can just lost contact like that.

Ever since I understand things since I was a teen till now, I always appreciate whoever who treated me good or helped me before. Since I was a teen, when I started to hang out with friends, there are a lot of people who treated me eat and will never accept a cent of mine, so I'll always tell myself "I must treat them eat when I got a job." So I really have a lot of people in my list to treat. 

I never say out even though I appreciate, I always have in mind who is good and bad. I have a friend who treat us eat quite often, I did what I should, like saying thank you or help to clean up. Now being a student, I don't have the ability to treat people eat, so I already have in my mind, he's one of them in my list whom I will treat when I got a job. 
I was disappointed when he complained that we don't appreciate when we failed to turn up in a gathering because we were busy. I wonder what kind of appreciation he wants as I have been respecting him, not being rude, there was a time I bought him foods which I think it's nice, I said Thank you isn't that showing appreciation? He just need to wait 2-3 years for my treat. Not only these, he said something worse which I gave up to explain or say something to make him feels good. I just lost my mood after all these. 
Then does he appreciate us?

I'm a person who forget about the bad easily if the person talks to me. So we chatted again. After few days, he complained again!!! and somemore wanted to unfriend. wtf

There's another friend, HE invited me for lunch/dinner and have some catch up. I  accepted the invitation. He after that will say "Sorry I'm busy, can't make it tonight" "Sorry, I need to go to gym" "Sorry I have too much work". I confirm he is trying to play. After FEW DAMN TIMES of being fong fei kei, he invited me again, and I accepted again, and it's my turn to say "Sorry I'm busy". My ONE time fong fei kei VS his FEW TIMES ffk, I was scolded without any common sense, I didn't give a damn. And this is the kind of person I don't even want to appreciate anymore, he doesn't appreciate. 

When I go to travel, I'll always buy something for my friends. This is showing appreciation too.

There are too many friends who treated me nice and I feel thankful and appreciate them. For now, being so poor, I do whatever I can. For example, I'll sometimes invite my friends to try my cooking! I sometimes feel funny when I know the foods just taste okay but my friends will "OMG so nice!" 

Seriously, I have been planning. When I got a job, the first thing to do is to give my parents allowance every month, then sometimes treat friends eat, and organise party/gathering at my house. I need to treat myself good too by going to travel OFTEN. I'll save money for my dream wedding and house if my hubby is too poor to afford. If I'm so lucky and got a rich guy, or so lucky to have my business so successful, I'll donate.

Father's day is coming,
show your appreciation to him.
I appreciate and thanks y'all for reading

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Videos Sharing

Wanna share these videos I just watched which amazed me. 

This little girl is so good in making the sexy expressions and moves! They are so cute in flirting each other. I wonder if the little girl understands what her moves mean, or she just memorise whatever the tutor taught her.  Must watch!

Sometimes you just don't know there's a security cam behind you that records every moves of yours. The purpose of the cam is normally to prevent crimes, or to help in criminal cases. 
But in this video, it's a compilation of videos from coca cola security cams that show human kindness and love around the world. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012




Monday, June 11, 2012

My week in photos

Went to food festival last week at Stadium. 
Not much booths and seem like the event was poorly organised. 

Pizza hut had buy one free one around 9+pm

Went to support my friends the Mad Bites

People Q-ing for MadBites

It's my first time eating macarons, so I can't compare. Not bad tho.

I like the toppings of mochi.
And the Strawberry froyo not too sour not to sweet, good enough.

Met up Eldy and Mal for dinner. 

Why Brunei so hot!?
I made Ribena ice cubes, very refreshing.

Sent my Taiwan relatives to airport. 
RBA is getting VERY strict, they will weight your hand-carry before you board and make sure your hand carry is max 7kg if you're flying with RBA, and max 5kg for MAS
And don't expect they will be lenient. 
When we were trying to take things out from the baggage, we found around 10 packets of curry sauce of 230ml each! We thought the relatives know that liquid that exceed 100ml is not allowed. x.x

It's a reminder for you all, to make life easy, you better organise well. 


I posted this photo in FaceBook with caption "New York, I'm coming~"

I didn't expect my friends are so excited about it. lol
I have no idea how to reply them in the comments. 
There are friends that even asked Carol if I'm going to NYC. lol

The true story is:
Since there were so much problem with my relatives baggage, I was there to assist my dad to check in the baggage again. 
And since I was with the baggage, I asked my cousin to take a picture of me.
Yea, just that simple. 

I just simple press Upload, and I got so much exciting comments and messages. 

My passport got stolen, how to go abroad? lol
Sorry about it, will not make this kind of joke again. xD

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What more can I ask for?

I said I have 2 good news. One I have posted previously, that is I'm officially a Bruneian. And this is the 2nd good news! Try to guess what's the good news by looking at the pictures.

REALLY happy kay~

So proud I'm born to have that waist. 
Hey, I'm not skinny you jelly people! I have satisfactory boobs size and I'm not flat. So, I'm slim~ ^^

Have you guess what's the good news?

Hey! You realise I have changed my hair color? 
Not much people realise because dark color is normal, people only reliase when I dye abnormal bright color.
Do you think this is nicer or my blond? 
I personally like bright color. 

Don't you think all these pictures are so clear!?

Because I got my Canon G12!!

The good news is you guys can see quality pictures. 
But for me, it's good life!

This is not my old G12. The thieves must be enjoy using my cam now. 
My dad bought a new one for me. 
He asked me if I want a camera again, I said "It's okay~" but my heart missing my G12 so much, and would like to get a new one because iPhone cam sucks. 

If you wonder why I get the same cam again. Because:
1) I still have the lens and those lens only can be used in G12, not G11 or the upgraded one, but only G12! 
2) This cam is great for me to self shot because of the flipped screen.
3) G1x (the upgraded one) is much more heavier and more expensive. 
4) It's a good cam.
5) Since it's cheaper now, so...

I actually planned to buy one when I work, I guess by that time G12 is already outdated. But that's when I can afford to buy one! So since my dad said buy one for me, so ok~~ I'll pay back when I work.

I know I'm very lucky although my passport got stolen and I can't get out of  Brunei for at least 6 months. 
I'm lucky I was sent by Guan Ying Ma to Chua Family and have such a good life that I am able to study in uni and go abroad at least twice a year. 
Thinking in a positive way, What more can I ask for?
But human are born to be greedy and will not be satisfied. Even rich people say "Not enough money le, I want to buy an island."
I wish for more money, so I'm gonna get a good work after I graduate and go travel everywhere, buy branded stuffs, and eat nice foods. Ofcourse not forgetting to pay back my parents. 

Urhemz, ok, back to topic,

I love my G12!