Friday, June 15, 2012

I appreciate you

Carol sent this to me this morning showing appreciation. It's so lucky that we still in contact when we are thousand miles away. Some besties can just lost contact like that.

Ever since I understand things since I was a teen till now, I always appreciate whoever who treated me good or helped me before. Since I was a teen, when I started to hang out with friends, there are a lot of people who treated me eat and will never accept a cent of mine, so I'll always tell myself "I must treat them eat when I got a job." So I really have a lot of people in my list to treat. 

I never say out even though I appreciate, I always have in mind who is good and bad. I have a friend who treat us eat quite often, I did what I should, like saying thank you or help to clean up. Now being a student, I don't have the ability to treat people eat, so I already have in my mind, he's one of them in my list whom I will treat when I got a job. 
I was disappointed when he complained that we don't appreciate when we failed to turn up in a gathering because we were busy. I wonder what kind of appreciation he wants as I have been respecting him, not being rude, there was a time I bought him foods which I think it's nice, I said Thank you isn't that showing appreciation? He just need to wait 2-3 years for my treat. Not only these, he said something worse which I gave up to explain or say something to make him feels good. I just lost my mood after all these. 
Then does he appreciate us?

I'm a person who forget about the bad easily if the person talks to me. So we chatted again. After few days, he complained again!!! and somemore wanted to unfriend. wtf

There's another friend, HE invited me for lunch/dinner and have some catch up. I  accepted the invitation. He after that will say "Sorry I'm busy, can't make it tonight" "Sorry, I need to go to gym" "Sorry I have too much work". I confirm he is trying to play. After FEW DAMN TIMES of being fong fei kei, he invited me again, and I accepted again, and it's my turn to say "Sorry I'm busy". My ONE time fong fei kei VS his FEW TIMES ffk, I was scolded without any common sense, I didn't give a damn. And this is the kind of person I don't even want to appreciate anymore, he doesn't appreciate. 

When I go to travel, I'll always buy something for my friends. This is showing appreciation too.

There are too many friends who treated me nice and I feel thankful and appreciate them. For now, being so poor, I do whatever I can. For example, I'll sometimes invite my friends to try my cooking! I sometimes feel funny when I know the foods just taste okay but my friends will "OMG so nice!" 

Seriously, I have been planning. When I got a job, the first thing to do is to give my parents allowance every month, then sometimes treat friends eat, and organise party/gathering at my house. I need to treat myself good too by going to travel OFTEN. I'll save money for my dream wedding and house if my hubby is too poor to afford. If I'm so lucky and got a rich guy, or so lucky to have my business so successful, I'll donate.

Father's day is coming,
show your appreciation to him.
I appreciate and thanks y'all for reading

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