Sunday, June 10, 2012

What more can I ask for?

I said I have 2 good news. One I have posted previously, that is I'm officially a Bruneian. And this is the 2nd good news! Try to guess what's the good news by looking at the pictures.

REALLY happy kay~

So proud I'm born to have that waist. 
Hey, I'm not skinny you jelly people! I have satisfactory boobs size and I'm not flat. So, I'm slim~ ^^

Have you guess what's the good news?

Hey! You realise I have changed my hair color? 
Not much people realise because dark color is normal, people only reliase when I dye abnormal bright color.
Do you think this is nicer or my blond? 
I personally like bright color. 

Don't you think all these pictures are so clear!?

Because I got my Canon G12!!

The good news is you guys can see quality pictures. 
But for me, it's good life!

This is not my old G12. The thieves must be enjoy using my cam now. 
My dad bought a new one for me. 
He asked me if I want a camera again, I said "It's okay~" but my heart missing my G12 so much, and would like to get a new one because iPhone cam sucks. 

If you wonder why I get the same cam again. Because:
1) I still have the lens and those lens only can be used in G12, not G11 or the upgraded one, but only G12! 
2) This cam is great for me to self shot because of the flipped screen.
3) G1x (the upgraded one) is much more heavier and more expensive. 
4) It's a good cam.
5) Since it's cheaper now, so...

I actually planned to buy one when I work, I guess by that time G12 is already outdated. But that's when I can afford to buy one! So since my dad said buy one for me, so ok~~ I'll pay back when I work.

I know I'm very lucky although my passport got stolen and I can't get out of  Brunei for at least 6 months. 
I'm lucky I was sent by Guan Ying Ma to Chua Family and have such a good life that I am able to study in uni and go abroad at least twice a year. 
Thinking in a positive way, What more can I ask for?
But human are born to be greedy and will not be satisfied. Even rich people say "Not enough money le, I want to buy an island."
I wish for more money, so I'm gonna get a good work after I graduate and go travel everywhere, buy branded stuffs, and eat nice foods. Ofcourse not forgetting to pay back my parents. 

Urhemz, ok, back to topic,

I love my G12!


~Pinkie~ said...

i think u look better with darker color hair~ hehe~ cos can make our skin look fairer~ ^_^

CuteRabbit Land said...

A positive one!! me like

EaHui said...

all my friends say darker is potential becoming a blonde lol