Monday, June 11, 2012

My week in photos

Went to food festival last week at Stadium. 
Not much booths and seem like the event was poorly organised. 

Pizza hut had buy one free one around 9+pm

Went to support my friends the Mad Bites

People Q-ing for MadBites

It's my first time eating macarons, so I can't compare. Not bad tho.

I like the toppings of mochi.
And the Strawberry froyo not too sour not to sweet, good enough.

Met up Eldy and Mal for dinner. 

Why Brunei so hot!?
I made Ribena ice cubes, very refreshing.

Sent my Taiwan relatives to airport. 
RBA is getting VERY strict, they will weight your hand-carry before you board and make sure your hand carry is max 7kg if you're flying with RBA, and max 5kg for MAS
And don't expect they will be lenient. 
When we were trying to take things out from the baggage, we found around 10 packets of curry sauce of 230ml each! We thought the relatives know that liquid that exceed 100ml is not allowed. x.x

It's a reminder for you all, to make life easy, you better organise well. 


I posted this photo in FaceBook with caption "New York, I'm coming~"

I didn't expect my friends are so excited about it. lol
I have no idea how to reply them in the comments. 
There are friends that even asked Carol if I'm going to NYC. lol

The true story is:
Since there were so much problem with my relatives baggage, I was there to assist my dad to check in the baggage again. 
And since I was with the baggage, I asked my cousin to take a picture of me.
Yea, just that simple. 

I just simple press Upload, and I got so much exciting comments and messages. 

My passport got stolen, how to go abroad? lol
Sorry about it, will not make this kind of joke again. xD

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