Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Dumpling & the Queen's Birthday

It was the queen's birthday last Friday. Had dinner at Kaizen :)

The bookmark-card I made for her. It may not look nice from here, but by touching it, that quality really makes the card doesn't look like it's handmade *proud*
Sigh, why am I so creative?

It was the Chinese dumpling festival last Saturday. People around the world were making the eggs stand in the noon, but why I cannot make it stand!!??

So there are people who still keeping the culture, that is going to the beach on that day to throw dumpling into the sea
It has a myth behind this act if you don't know. Let me summarize it.
There was a man who fell into the sea which I forgot why. Then the people started to throw dumpling into the sea to let the fishes eat so they won't eat the man. 
You can go search for the whole story if you are interested. 
So we are still throwing the dumplings to the sea to let the sharks eat, so I believe the man is still alive :D

Seriously, I think those people who throw the dumplings don't have any idea why they are doing that, or even think what does it help for throwing foods into the sea.
It's kind of pollution of course. 
But it's a culture anyway, it's fun like a must-do for a Chinese lol


Beside throwing dumplings into the sea, it's a time for gatherings, watch sunset together with friends or family,  bring the kids to have fun and bring the dogs to have a walk. 

The chef frying the prawn for dinner. 

Let's end with this beautiful pink view :)

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