Friday, June 1, 2012

:'( => :)

:'(  => Cry
:)   => Normal/Happy
:O => Shocked

I started to feel depress around February or March. I started record this when I realised I cried very often in April, day and night.. I wanna know when I would stop crying, so I record whether I cry or don't cry everyday.

The third week of massive crying, I started to feel better and not shedding a tear anymore. 
Who knows, few days later, I was shocked :O because of the car window breaking case. I was exhausted those few days going here and there settling things. 
After that, I got better again, feeling normal and at least I smile and feel happy because of friends' company.

Looking back, 3 weeks ago, I was so depressed and cried like the world is gonna end. But I feel like it was a long time ago. Feel like I have recovered for quite long but it was just only 3 weeks. Guess too much happen in between that interrupts me. 

Well, life goes on, so need to move on. Joining those happy people really works on healing the depression. I was so sad talking to Carol then she suddenly "YAY...BEST DAY!!" Then I was like "......*chuckle*" because I don't know why is she so high everytime and where does her energy come from.

Time flies and I can't imagine it's tomorrow that Carol is coming back, for 27 hours only!
Come back for                      27 hrs
(minus) sleep                           9 hrs
(minus) make up                      1 hr
(minus) time for her CV mates 6 hrs
(minus) time for other friends   2 hrs
(minus) shopping                     2 hrs
(minus) ready for check in       3 hrs
Sorry, the remaining 4 hrs will be mine~ 

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~Pinkie~ said...

aw.. dun cry dun cry.. everything will be alright de~~ jia you jia you~ buts its good to know tat now u are feeling better~~ ^_^