Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I think I wanna marry you~

I just watched this. This is so creative so good, and so touching :):

Every time I watch proposal or wedding videos, or attend friends' wedding, the couples are so sweet that I can't wait my big day to arrive.
I will start to wonder who is going to be my husband, what kind of person he is.
Getting married is my dream!
At the same time, I'm afraid I'll become a spinster...I don't wish that to happen.

So when my mom told my grandma, "It's ok if she's not going to marry. Marriage is not necessary for women nowadays."
I was so upset because I really want to get married.
I thought parents would be worried if their children are still single in their late 20s, and will even match making for them, but my mom is not worry at all?
I thought parents hope their children go through this important process of life.

Everytime I broke up with my boyfriend, I will cry like the world is going to end "我怕我嫁不出..."
Then my friend will say "You're just 21!" and they will think it is impossible for me to become a spinster, but who knows!
Most of my girl friends who are in their late 20s, they all say they don't wanna get marry now. =.=" we think differently as we grow older? I will still choose to think "I must get married and have children!"

Anyway, here's my cousin wedding video which I like it too and the videoman amazed me because he edited the video SOOOOOO fast which it actually played on that night immediately:

Feel the sweet!

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