Friday, May 18, 2012

Car windows broken is the latest trend now!

Hello friends!!! I haven't been blogging for more than a week. Yea, a week sounds short but so much happened in between, not mentioning the small small things, let me story you the BIG CASE!

13th May 2007, on mother's day, I had a serious car accident.
13th May 2012, on mother's day, my car window was broken and things were stolen!
What a coincidence!

So I believe they used sharp things to break my window because I think that scratch was a miss-Q.
OK, how they break my window is not very interesting.

Leaving lots of shattered glass to me.

Incident happened:
Time: I found it at 10pm
Location: Basketball court at Batu Bersurat
Parking location: Quite dark with little light
More: I'm not the only victim, there was another car got broken too.

- Well, it was all because I put my bag on the seat. I thought putting my camera nicely in my bag may not be spotted by thieves as their target. I'm too naive to think that way and the truth is, if they see bags, they break your window!
- I was shocked, I was speechless, I couldn't say a thing but to scream...=.="...a little bit. I'm not dramatic ok~ It was hard to cool down. 
- Reported to the police, called my brother in law and friends to help.
- I lost lots of valuable things that really made me heart pain and almost heart attack.

Things I lost:
- wallets with atm and debit cards, few member cards, few hundreds of cash.
- my G12!! This is really holy shit! All the pictures on the mothers day and my pretty pics all gone.
- Passport is so troublesome. I need to wait at least 6 months to get a new passport. 
- IC  I can get it in a month
- I got my driving licence already
- car window that costs me $240 
- Glasses, E-Sprit watch, bike light, few cosmetics, priceless gifts from friends and families
- my fav NYX lipsticks. I just used them for once only!
- And others that I don't even want to think else I'll get heart attack very soon.

see, this is my NYX lipsticks.
I even took nice pictures and want to do review on them.

See how much I love to work with my G12, and how I take nice pictures for you all to enjoy. 

One of the fav gifts, the beetle ocarina.
I planned to bring it to tomorrows HSBC while cycling so I can whistle people. 
and I love to blow on it and make musics :'(
I even took video, I'll post it soon.

Even UBD female hostel also kena!??

See, I actually heard a lot similar cases after mine happened.
So please be careful.
Don't put important stuffs in your car, don't put your bags on the seat.

Those 2 days dealing with all the stuffs, went to immigration got get new IC & passport, before that I need to go court to get some documents to prove, then to land transport to get my licence, then got my car window fixed, went to shopping to get those needs that had stolen, etc. That's why I kept complaining in my twitter "IM EXHAUSTED PHYSICALLY MENTALLY AND FINANCIALLY."

Then when these things happen, at the same time thinking on the bright side. At least not all the stuffs got stolen, especially my laptop. I believe the thieves had miss-steal. Basically they stole my 2 handbags. Others stuffs are still there. 

My colleagues told me to stand on their place and think, may be because they are too hungry and no money to buy foods. Urgh! I can't make myself think like that because when they stole my things, I'm the victim and I'm suffering. We work hard to buy the things we like, and they can get things for free just by stealing! I'm not gonna forgive. They are healthy, since they have the energy to steal, I believe there are others things they can do to earn money!

Not gonna forgive, damn it.

Today's my birthday,
I wish the thieves feel guilty and return my stuffs to the police station.
Please delete mother's day from the calender, it's not giving my luck
and no more nice pictures for y'all :'(

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Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry about your loss.. i was once a victim too few months.. got my laptop and bag stolen by these 'window-breaking thieves'. and I was only gone for 30minutes! :(