Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HSBC Walk Run Cycle 4

Was excited on this day and so I prepared well.
I ate before going to the event so I won't be hungry in the middle of cycling;
prepared insect repellent and pins for the number on our shirt;
cool water is important, sure need it when you're tired;
I brought my phone for taking pictures, this is important kay~;

You think these are just small things, but if others did not prepare well like me, I will become the most important person in the group! wahahha...

Kelvin's head is bigger than the helmet :D
Must do some training before this kind of event, so you are well-trained with energy!
And before the event day, we went training in a group at UBD campus at night.
Before everything, must make sure our bicycles are in good condition.

19th May 2012
The day has arrived!

10 000+ people in here!


We went from Bandar, to Berakas and turned one round back to Bandar.
The hills at Berakas were killing me, I was pushed by someone to give me some energy, and pushed my own bicycle and I walked because my energy turned 0%.
They have water stops to serve us some energy.
The great part was down the hill. Super steep and fast till the security asked me to brake because it is dangerous if I lost balance.

I did not get any lucky draws :(

aiks so low quality =.="

Some people were in great costumes, I wonder if they feel comfortable because they wore their costumes to Walk/run/cycle.
This guy I think he's from plants and zombies?

They have game booths.

The cotton candy which we wanted to eat, but afraid we cannot finish because it's very sweet normally.

Pasar malam outside the field.

Met Rano

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick

It was a fun night with great experience. I will definitely join again but may be different categories. hehe

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