Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting another year older

It started with this surprise cake from the family on mother's day. 
It's a fruit cheese cake from Bakerlyn.

My grandma and my 1-month-old nephew.

my funny uncle.

I have more pictures in my camera, unfortunately, that night my car window was broken by the assh*les. Lucky my mom took few with her phone.

After few friends know that my things were stolen, they tried to find the same stuffs for my birthday.

This was given by Carol last Christmas. 
Like this so much that was why I put nicely on my car seat rather than underneath the seat.

Then she bought another one, but pink.

The NYX lipstick that I like it so much and decided to introduce to u guys got stolen too.

DK bought the same one for me.

This pig from Tay.
First time receiving gifts from someone I never met before. 

On the actual day...
I know I don't look pretty, but my dress is pretty ^^
Love my nude heels too

my birthday nails on the right hand.

Dk brought me to Deals.
A restaurant which Carol likes and I didn't know why. 
Now I know why, the foods are yummeii~

That day they had a new menu.

Appetizer: Fish gumbo with okra, mussels, prawn and oysters
It looks so-so, but very tasty. Not too sweet, not too sour, not sure how to describe the taste, but it's excellent. 

Main: Poached Market fish with greens, anchovy almond crumbs, prawn emulsion
Indescribable delicious.
You know some foods obviously sweet/sour/salty, but I think the taste of their foods quite balance. 
Or is it I have no knowledge in foods that's why I can't describe? lol

Main: Roasted Angus pure beef loin 'polve', pulled beef croustade, braised red cabbage
Had the beef medium well, it's juicy yummy. Made me thought of the poached beef at Spaghettini.

Birthday nails on the left hand.

Dessert: Buttermilk bavarois with honey syrup and dried fruits
It's like cheesecake. It's good that the cake isn't that sweet.

Super bitter coffee with cookies

The boss who treated me.

A friend asked if I blew cake. I said no without any disappointment la, may be because I blew on the mothers day already.
But after a while Dk suddenly sang birthday song when I was chatting with Carol, I was stun like that :O

It's a beautiful cake but he was so pek cek about the rainbow spray. lol

It's awesome when you keep receiving presents non-stop haha
After a while again, he took out another present from nowhere. Ofcourse my reaction was "wa, why you give me so many presents?"
Because I thought I will only receive this hello-kitty-2-in-1 pillow from him, so I didn't expect that much la.

Not forgetting the lunch treat by Damian. 
The "feel" birthday song by Ong.
Grettings from FB, twitter, instagram, sms, whatsapp, phone calls, personally. Sorry that I can't reply one by one, so I'll say thanks here.
And I guess I'm receiving another present from New York soon?
And ofcourse my dad gave me the most expensive presents because he needs to pay for my things which got stolen.

A lot of people asked me if my car window is ok. It's fine and fixed within 2 hours. So it's actually not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is my passport! I need to wait at least 6 months to get it! Sigh...anyway...

Thank you for loving me


~Pinkie~ said...

happy belated birthday~~ :)

EaHui said...

Thanks Pinkie^^