Thursday, May 24, 2012

We are complicated

Through chatting with my friends, I realize this fun fact about girls, which I experienced it too. That is, when the girlfriend is the one who wants to break up with the boyfriend, the girlfriend is normally more depress than the boyfriend. Although I'm a female, but I'm not sure why too, must be that hormones making us complicated.

Scene 1:

A: They broke up, and she's so sad now.
Me: Who said it first?
A: She
Me: Then why is she sad?
A: You're also like that, you can ask yourself.
Me: (good point)

Scene 2:

A: She wanted to break up with me, and I agreed.
Me: I see...
A: But the mom called me and asked me to settle, because she kept crying. I even heard she was crying loudly when I was on the phone with her mom.
Me: hmm...

The love hate relationship? I dont
Ladies are born to be complicated, men are born to solve the problem.

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