Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PSK day 2


Yesterday's woman double, we manage to get it top 8 but after that lost.

Today's woman team, I lost my set.
I can win, but lost. That's when you feel kek sim.
I can't tahan and cried because nervous, scared and feel bad when lost.
However, my team still win la.

July 1st is final. So you can come to Menglait Sport Complex and support IPT ^^
It starts at 8.30am until afternoon.

Wear glasses for 2 weeks.
Wearing glasses makes me don't feel like make up. Because my lashes will touch my glasses, irritating.

That Laneige toner has nice scent.

I use 3 types of mascara with different functions for top lashes

Actually I buy this for top lashes.
But it doesn't really work like it says "Dramatic Long".
So this for 'lower' lashes?

Lazy people use this for eye brows HAHA
It's faster and easier for me.
But if want to look better, will suggest to use the proper eyebrow pencil.

*Whoever coming from KB/Seria to Bandar, can please help and pass me contact lens?
My dad will pass it to u, and we'll meet up at Bandar.
Just call/FB/SMS me.
I know I sound desperate, but glasses is very not convenient for me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday was PSK (Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan) opening ceremony at stadium.

There are golf, lawan pedang, badminton, etc, any possible sports.
I join table tennis, representing IPT (Institute Pengajian Tinggi).

We were given a set of tracksuit and a cap.
Do I look like international player? or fireman?

the coach

There were small fire crackers inside the stadium, some performances (silat, karate, wu shu, etc).

After opening ceremony, they had futsal match.
It was funny looking how they grab the ball or something.
should watch it urself.
They have many patterns just to protect their ball.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Night Dress

Yesterday, we, girls went to Lilli Lingerie.

We argued is night dress underware or for party.

Night dress can be:

for party



with trousers

So i think,
lingerie = night dress

This VS is nice!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Went to Soon Lee KB and they're selling 3D tv with blue ray player. costs $4000+ if not mistaken. So cool~
But cannot watch for a long time. Wearing the 3d glasses hurt our eyes.

And they sell this too!
Touch screen karaoke.
Looks cool~ too.
Graphics are nice.

Few months ago, I cooked water in my room using electrical kettle.
It's not auto off.
I went out and TOTALLY forgot the boiling water.
After 1 hr, I went to my room.
My room was smoky/hazy like a sauna room.
My kettle is a bit burnt.
Lucky my room not burnt.
Mistake learnt: Leave the room only after the water is boiled and kettle is off.

And this time. Potato's turn.

I planned to cook this for 45 min.
Chien knocked on my door reminded my potato after 2hrs+of cooking it!
Kettle burnt.
Potato VERY chao dah.
My hostel block has the chao dah smell.
And I'm gonna return a new pot to the owner. I don't know who is the owner yet.
Luckily the kitchen not burnt.
Mistake learnt: Set alarm clock!

I should buy kettle and pot which is auto off.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ping Pong Star Beach Party

Yesterday was Ping Pong Starz Beach Party @ Muara Beach
I didnt expect we will play till 6+ almost 7pm.
I think the beach should have some lamp post, it was very dark abt 6+pm.
And lots of sand flies too.

Why guys like to do this?

See sexy our coach is.

*some pics are from Arif.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week with glasses

Went to photoshoot for UBD magazine.
It's hard to make up without looking in the mirror clearly.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seafood night

Tonight we had seafood fished by D-Hao.
We had a hard time dealing with the crab because it's big and we scared of its kiap.
Im not sure what time Chien start to play with the crabs, but I woke up at 7+pm heard people screaming.

About 10+pm then we done the killing and cooking and start to eat our dinner supper

the crabs that we manage to separate it from the fishes.

we put hot water to kill it.


I did the killing part and "scrub" off the fish scales.
The others did the cooking part and took out their organs *yuck*
The crab was good! Sweet and lots of meat.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot for dance club.
Since I dont have my contact lens, I'm worry about my make up not being balance and not my expectation =.=
Just like last time I only wear one contact lens, and my blush was over red.

There's a beach party/gathering for table tennis team on Friday.
U seen people with bikini wearing a glasses?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Misato & BBQ after exam

Went to Misato on Sunday for dinner.
Sienz ba at hostel, after exam should celebrate.
Sushi not bad, it tastes almost the same like other Japanese restaurant actually.

I like the salmon salad on the very left.
But I don't like the tofu skin/bean curd?

Didn't take much pictures because they just look almost the same as other Japanese restaurant.

Yesterday, BBQ at Ming's.
We had sometimes special, stingray, shark, and not sure what fish. Fished by themselves.

My contact lens have expired and I felt uncomfy in my eyes.
So I was going to get a new pair and threw the old one.
Went in my room and I found that I have no more contact lens!!!!!!!
I went to the rubbish bin, think trice, OK, I should not get it back, it's dirty and poisoned already.

Mistake learnt:
Check before u throw contact lens.

I rather go back Seria and get new contact lens before I go BBQ.
But my home also no stock!
I have ordered one month ago, and not yet arrive!
Can close already that shop. Keep telling us next week and next week!
And I have to wear glasses for about 2 weeks!!??
I still need to go for table tennis training and hang out!

:'( Hate wearing glasses. Si beh ugly ba and not convenient.