Friday, June 4, 2010

No Kopi-O here!

Teacher was sick yesterday, so we played games related to the things we have learnt.

Ok, I said in my FB status that the thing that I hate the most at my tuition is parking.

Will u love it if u need to park at a small parking lot like this?
You need to park in the morning, if u're blocking people's car, u need to re-park in the noon and in the evening.
If teacher don't like your parking, need to re-park again.
if there's a space in between, re-park again.
If u're wasting space, making others cannot park properly too, re-park again.
It must me 1 mm between each car, otherwise, re-park again!

Want to have good parking skill? this is the place where u can learn and be PRO.

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