Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yang saya hargai


OK I have been busy tuition-ing for citizenship. From 9am to 10 pm is really tired.
I will always sleep in the middle of the class, can't tahan.
After every break, need to do parking again for those who block people's car that want to go out.

Beside tuition-ing, we eat a lot too!
Teacher always belanja us, kuih, nasi lemak, matabak, chicken rice, bread, fruits, etc!

When we have 15 minutes break, we will
read newspaper



play phone

Teacher wants us to be together always.
Because this is fate for us being together and know each other.
My classmates are friendly and funny especially the uncles koko

>So we breakfast, lunch and dinner together

I cannot tahan eating restaurant foods.
So I wake up early if I can, to cook.
Below are cooked by my love ones.

Dinner by hua's mom

Lunch by Hua

Porridge by Chien.

During our lunch break and dinner break, some sing Karaoke, some play darts.
cacing: why don have chinese songs o?

A classmate of mine is a wholesale of these tea "Hung Fook Tong". Sold at Hua Ho and supa save.
Different tea has different function.
The above is to nourish skin.

The above I forgot for what. hehe

The last day of tuition, we went o CA Mohd to eat matabak.
It's just in front of our tuition place.
So we just need to cross super dangerous road with cars driving abt 120 km/hr.

apakan, all the smiles so fake.

Today, the most important day of our life, the citizenship exam!
I slept for 4 hrs. Woke up at 4am, and study until the time we need to go to the hall.
We were so worry, don't know which questions will come out.
Thank god, at least, my teacher aim some questions right.
Some are hard.
But it's over. I just pray that I can pass.
We all smiled when we came out of the hall, because karangan, huraian, bahasa dalam all we studied!!!!

If I pass, damn! the happiest thing in my life.
My parents are proud.
NO need to pay uni fees.
Easy to find job!
Banyak benefits la!
Happier than kena 4D.

We went to celebrate at a restaurant. Nice foods!
Have karaoke.

A 12 years old kid said that I'm pretty today.

His voice like Jacky Cheung.

The prizes for lucky draw!
Ada TV!

I'm happy to tuition there.
We laugh quite a lot.
Because we are funny and also teacher tells a lot of jokes.
We clean the class together. I'm happy to sweep the floor and not cleaning the toilets xD
When a classmate got a car accident, we sponsor $$ to help him.
Thanks to Cikgu and classmates for everything.

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