Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ZZZZZZzzzzzzz times

This is what happens whenever teacher says, "OK, rehat."
It's very tired from 9am to 9pm, sometimes even more than that, till 10pm.
The time that I feel most sleepy is at 3pm, kik ar the feel.
There's one time when everyone's look dead, so teacher asked us to go home sleep for 2 hrs.

recognise the chin?

I'm not that bad that I will show your faces. xD

Went to giant for groceries, they are having roadshow.
Surprisingly, UBD FM is hosting that event.
That guy holding a rope is Mr. Magic. Obviously, they are doing a magic show.
Mr. Magic should have a mic for himself, because audiences can't listen what he's saying.

Why is Giant stopping to encourage customers to use recycle bags? :(
We should must help the earth.

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