Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Misato & BBQ after exam

Went to Misato on Sunday for dinner.
Sienz ba at hostel, after exam should celebrate.
Sushi not bad, it tastes almost the same like other Japanese restaurant actually.

I like the salmon salad on the very left.
But I don't like the tofu skin/bean curd?

Didn't take much pictures because they just look almost the same as other Japanese restaurant.

Yesterday, BBQ at Ming's.
We had sometimes special, stingray, shark, and not sure what fish. Fished by themselves.

My contact lens have expired and I felt uncomfy in my eyes.
So I was going to get a new pair and threw the old one.
Went in my room and I found that I have no more contact lens!!!!!!!
I went to the rubbish bin, think trice, OK, I should not get it back, it's dirty and poisoned already.

Mistake learnt:
Check before u throw contact lens.

I rather go back Seria and get new contact lens before I go BBQ.
But my home also no stock!
I have ordered one month ago, and not yet arrive!
Can close already that shop. Keep telling us next week and next week!
And I have to wear glasses for about 2 weeks!!??
I still need to go for table tennis training and hang out!

:'( Hate wearing glasses. Si beh ugly ba and not convenient.

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