Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seafood night

Tonight we had seafood fished by D-Hao.
We had a hard time dealing with the crab because it's big and we scared of its kiap.
Im not sure what time Chien start to play with the crabs, but I woke up at 7+pm heard people screaming.

About 10+pm then we done the killing and cooking and start to eat our dinner supper

the crabs that we manage to separate it from the fishes.

we put hot water to kill it.


I did the killing part and "scrub" off the fish scales.
The others did the cooking part and took out their organs *yuck*
The crab was good! Sweet and lots of meat.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot for dance club.
Since I dont have my contact lens, I'm worry about my make up not being balance and not my expectation =.=
Just like last time I only wear one contact lens, and my blush was over red.

There's a beach party/gathering for table tennis team on Friday.
U seen people with bikini wearing a glasses?

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